Sealing Pavestone

Haert(N TX)September 3, 2005

We are going to be installing a pavestone walkway from our driveway to the front door. We are currently debating the pros and cons of sealing it. I strongly prefer the color and look of the pavestone with sealer; my husband insists it is a big mistake - too much maintenance, etc. The walkway will get direct Texas sun all day long. Does anyone have any experience with this? What are the pros and cons?

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We just had our driveway installed in pavers and had it sealed to help protect it against oil and tree sap. We had a choice between two different finishes of sealers and chose the natural one. It was very easy to apply and did not change the color of the pavers. Since we did not do it ourselves, I can't tell you the brand name but it was very expensive stuff and we did 2 coats. There's no big maintenance involved other than resealing it in a year or so. And with the sealer it makes it very easy to lift stains out of the pavers with the help of a degreaser. You might want to check with a good masonary yard or call the manufacturer of the pavers for more advice. Van

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