'Ding Dong the Lawn in Gone...Yahoo!

sunnysandy(z6WA)October 16, 2005

I'm a new member, this is my first time ever in a "forum"

I am an vegetable gardener who finally took out her front yard grass, did the lasagna layering and am ready to design with about 50 med size rocks discovered semi-buried in my alley 50 year old Laurel "tree" and about 50 new drought tolerant plants, ie: sage, thyme, lavender, rudbeckia, some

dwarf evergreens, grasses, sedums, hebes and local elderberry and red twig dogwood.

My front yard was flat and with the help of lasagna layering I have created some dimension and raised the whole elevation of the site.

I would like to keep the whole front yard natural looking and without any brick edgings, manufactured items, or masses of the perverbial bark mulch seen everywhere in great mounds around KFC, Taco bell, etc., etc!!

Any ideas or inspiration (picture wise) on humble placement of medium size rock and natural ways to create foot paths across this lofty area? ALSO...the Lasagna experts always say you can plant the same day but isn't there quite a bit of air pockets and too much organic material not broken down yet that might kill the roots of newly planted plants. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I live in a 'banana belt area of the Pacific NW and my front is total southern exposure. I would like to create a fusion of Southwest xeriscaping and a Mediterraen beachy look.


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rain1950(W. WA z8)

Great!! I believe all those pretty green lawns are an absolute waste of time, work and money. If you can afford it, buy a few good ref. books, or get them at the library. I have one; "Stonescaping" by Jan Whitner that overs everything from Japanese to European styles.

I'm just SW of Pt. Orchard and slowly eliminating the grass thru use of rock, 'found' items and plantings. While many plants are chosen for color and form, I try to incorporate as many that have edible parts.

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Thank you Rain1950 for the book recommendation. I've poured over at least 50 books from local library and visited some of my favorite garden in town.
Now that I am placing the rocks the designing of plants around them is easier and lends toward a more natural placement. I too will be incorporating some edibles in the front yard as there are quite a few gorgeous vegetables to show off!

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Someone gave me a beautiful plant for my new front yard. It is a self-sowing perennial that has fairly delicate leaves and a gorgeous shade of blue/violet on the leaf tips. She does not know the name of the plant. It's going through a bit of transplant shock right now, I sure hope it makes it as it is a very striking plant...could anyone help me identify it? Thank you.

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My lawn IS still gone and friends and family are gifting me with some wonderful plants to help cover all this gorgeous soil! One friend yanked up a bit of this great and tender perennial that self-sows, all green with this lovely intense shade of blue/violet on the leaf ends where flowering would occur. She didn't know the name of it. I hope it survives transplanting as it is one of the most unique plants I've seen in awhile and wouldn't mind if it reseeded all over my yard! Thanks for your help.

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karinl(BC Z8)

I think I recognize the description and the name will come to me in time.... but in the interim you get better answers when you're in the right forum. Try the perennials forum for that question.

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