Where to get brick - cheap!

SandL(6a KS)October 7, 2004

I have in mind a small section of my garden that I would like to place a brick pathway. Where is a good place to find uneven red brick for next to nothing? I'm looking at maybe 400 bricks.


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you could come visit me- there's an abandoned sidewalk they dug up not to long ago, and there's a ton of them sitting around.

I'd definately check your local freecycle.com link, and your neighbors (or your parents' neighbors, if you're in a new (less than 30 years old) comomunity...god knows I adopted about 100 bricks along with the house when I moved in, though I traded most of them to the girl next door for cinderblocks ;)

I'm kind of at a loss because they're pretty common around here- but the area's also been settled for 300+ years, so there's a LOT of construction debris to be had.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)


if you live in or nearby an area that is in rehabilitation, go collect as many as a demolition crew will allow you from old homes that are being torn down. this is how i was able to build my patio. you just have to haul them off yourself.

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