Patio help- need fast reply

oogy4plants(6B MD)October 9, 2005

I have just started a small patio installation and need some quick answers.

The hole has been fully excavated and leveled. Problem is, it just rained so the clay soil is pretty wet. The drainage is very good and the soil is drying, but not fast enough, of course.

The question is: can we put in the gravel layer now, before the clay base is really rock hard? And then later tamp the whole thing really well? More rain is in the forecast.

Thanks! Hope to hear something soon so we can put in the gravel if it is Okay.

I also posted this on the Landscape Design forum. Sorry for double-posting.

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samuri98(Grand Rapids)


the wet clay shouldnt matter at all. infact, it may help it compact!

just make sure if you are making a patio for pedestrian use only, you need a minimum of 4" compacted of the chips and dust (gravel). pea gravel will not work!

the only thing rain could disrupt would be your setting sand bed. you want this dry, because you are using it to level and set your pavers.

i hope this helps!

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