Suggestion for REALLY tough groundcover for between pavers/path?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)October 8, 2004

Hi what is a REALLY tough plant for planting in between pavers or walkways..... I think that besides putting some stones around theperimeter.... planting some plants in the walkways would be a good way to control dirt and weeds..... It's brick and I'd like something to plant in the gaps.... or I could fill with concret.... this is a frequently stepped on walkway so plants that can take foot traffic are big MUST!!!!! I don't care if its evergreen or even if it flowers but looking attractive most of the time and most of the season is a plus..... I'd like something that isn't crowded out by weeds and can take foot traffic and drought.... hardy of course.... I'd like something that would remain short..... :) (and something that won't take over the pathway) I.E. English IVy.... this path is in full sun to part shade..... I've tried thyme but don't think it likes the foot traffic.... any other suggestions????? :)

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The only thing that really works is grass. Anything else and you will be constantly on your knees with an old kitchen knife taking out weeds. You can grow clover or chamomile in the grass and maintenence can be done with a lawn mower. Moss also workd but you need shade and moisture for that.

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You might want to try Mazus reptans. This grows so densely, providing it has adequate moisture, that it crowds out weeds effectively.

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I would recommend Elphin Thyme. Hardier then other Thymes, denser and can take lots of foot traffic. I use it in all of my rock paths.

Check out "stepables". Different varieties of hardy foot traffic plants.


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muddy2shoes(8B Houston TX)

I recommend Monkey Grass - Ophiopogan japonicus
. I have it growing between bricks in a walkway & it's proven to be very tough. It survives summers of 100 degree weather in the sun, needs only water and is oblivious to insects or disease. There are two "sizes" and two colors: green & black.
It's safe for USDA 8-11; Sunset zones 5-9, 14-31, warmer parts of 32

Here is a link that might be useful: monkey grass

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