Flagstone patio; will this work?

tabathagk101November 30, 2006

I want to lay a flagstone patio in my backyard and have been reading everything I can get my hands on. I think I have a rough plan laid out but would like suggestions as to whether or not this is the correct way to be going about it. I plan to dig out a level bed about 6" deep and border with some sort of cut stone 8" tall and 2" wide. I want the border to box in the perimeter of the bed and stick up out of the ground about 2". Next I plan to lay 2" of hard packed, crushed stone, covered by landscaping fabric and then 4" of well packed, sharp sand on top. At ground level and inside my 2" high border I plan to arrange (and meticulously level) the approxmiately 2" thick flags. Next, I want to sweep polymeric sand in the joints and wet. Originally I had planned to use regular building sand but don't want it to wash out or track into the house.

Am I missing anything important? I want the cut stone border to hold in the sand bed but should it be as deep as the crushed rock bed? I'm plan to use the landscaping fabric to prevent sifting of the sand into the rock bed over time. I live in New Orleans where it rarely freezes and has a good amount of rain in the spring. Any suggestions?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I think you are better off with 4 inches of crushed stone in the base, because you will need someplace for all the rain to go. What is the subsoil like? Will you have drainage issues? Overall it sounds like a good plan, and you are lucky not to have to worry about freezing.

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I think its pretty sandy. The house was just completed a month ago and I have yet to sod the yard. Should my stone border go down as deep as the entire crushed rock bed? Could I use a 6" high wood frame around the inside perimieter and then just set the stone border 2" in the ground? I want the whole thing to be about 2" above ground level and don't have any problems with drainage.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

A wood frame set in the ground will rot. Even pressure treated will eventually rot, it will just last longer.

"At ground level and inside my 2" high border I plan to arrange (and meticulously level) the approxmiately 2" thick flags."
That means the ground will be holding in your sand, since the flagstone is the only thing above the surface, correct? If that is the case your border is not holding anything in, and is merely decorative, you do not need it to go all the way to the base.

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johnfromperrycopa(zone 6 scPA)

I forgot to mention in my other post that I use landscape fabric, but I put it down first before I put my modified stone base in. The purpose is to keep the modified stone base from working down into the subsoil, especially if you have some clay like I do in the area where I am building a walkway.

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somewhere in new orleans, my husband and i saw a patio of large flagstone pieces with monkey grass growing between the pieces of stone. we like the irregular, organic look. we have a contractor who is half way done laying the stone (he is a month over schedule and has not shown up for a week so we may be looking for someone to finish the project) and we plan to plant the monkey grass ourselves. the stone is sitting in 4 inches of sand. we are not sure about the best way to plant the grass and still have the stone securely supported with the sand. our current plan is to dig through the sand to the dirt with a long thin tool like a screw driver and mix the dirt into the sand while planting. has anyone done a similar project? any suggestions?

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... so how crazy is this ... ? ... there is a lovely flagstone patio in the tiny backyard of my 90 year old home ... and i would like to move it ... there is an "ugly zone" in my yard and the ground is really pitched ... and that's where i'd like to put it ... any advice?
where the patio is now i'd like to pour concrete then build a deck which would come right off my mud room ... is this going to cost me a fortune?

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