Gothic style PVC greenhouse

cohippy420January 20, 2014

hi new to this site. im planning on building a gothic style greenhouse out on pvc this spring. i will be using a modified version of this (hope a link is ok lol)

anyways i will be changine the length and with and height, simply by using 10' sectiions of 1 1/2" PVC

my initial question is how do i figure out how tall and wide it will be using the 3 45degree pipe fittings and 4 10' sections of pipe? Im at a loss, but well math is far from my best subject.

im courious to know the height and width so i can make my poly order from farmtex. I have lots of questions but ill just start with this one i guess :)

thank you

Here is a link that might be useful: gothic style pvc greenhouse

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

If you are going to use four 10ft lengths, one on each side and two for the top, your total distance ground to ground would be 40ft. From that you can figure the poly width which depends on base board and attachment system.

That's a big greenhouse for PVC! Are you sure it will stand up the the wind and snow? I'd say not in CO unless you have an incredibly sheltered location.

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this is a design i guess was tested in chyanne wy winds....but i set up all 4 pvc pieces today and the bottom 2 10' pieces are just too much im thinking i need to cut at least 2 feet off each side

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oh and as far as snow, lol i wish this part of CO got snow it gets maybe 6"/yr so snow load is not a concern
. wind however is an issue being high desert.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Yes, 6-8ft sides would be much easier to deal with and more stable in the wind. The only advantage of more height is that it might be easier to keep cool.

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i was wondering today it the greenhouse will be in an open area (there is zero shelter....raw land) if on both long sides i attach 4 eyebolts every 10 feet or so alond the sidewall 1x4 the poly attaches to and install a small steal cable and a turnbuckle to a dog chain type corkscrew in the ground just how much would that effect the wind load?

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