Jumping the gun? More rose burrito questions

vettin(z6b Northern VA)March 18, 2012

Thought that if I left these longer might start molding. Blossomtime after two weeks, buff beauty after one week:

Will cutting them shorter benefit them? In 14oz cups and cutting towards bottom of cup, but still quite a bit of cutting exposed:

So far, thicker cuttings seem to do better, and removing leaf buds has helped, that area seems to also be callusing potentially

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If you're growing them on indoors and the humidity is high enough to prevent them from drying out, leave them that length unless they begin to die back from the tops, then cut them shorter as they turn.

If you're growing them outdoors and you're getting rains to keep them hydrated or the humidity is high enough to prevent them from drying out, leave them that length.

I have to make mine shorter so I can bury more of the canes because I live in a savannah type climate. While we CAN get dews and occasional fogs, it is usually too arid for that much cane without roots to support it to remain alive and full enough of water to work. It rained several inches yesterday and into this morning. Now, it's a very cold, very dry wind. The water standing in the low spots in the street has already dried up. The wet soil in the shade of the house where the sun doesn't hit this time of year would usually remain wet for weeks this time of year. It's already beginning to appear to dry out because the wind is so arid. My climate just doesn't have the humidity or rain to support that much exposed unrooted cutting. If yours does, go for it! If where you're growing them on has enough moisture, go for it! As long as you can keep them alive, using longer cuttings should provide more stored nutrients to support the cuttings until they actually root and begin feeding themselves. If they appear to be shriveling because they're drying out and you can't increase the humidity or keep them sprayed with water a couple of times a day, trim them shorter. Longer cuttings like yours work quite well in mist propagators where the system mists or fogs the cuttings at regular intervals to keep them from drying out. If you need to, you can do the same, or you can cut them shorter so more of the total length is buried in the dirt. Does it make more sense now? Kim

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