Antique roses for Louisville?

rosefollyMarch 11, 2012

It has become my custom to give roses to plant as housewarming presents to family members who move to new homes. I started doing this some years ago. Recently I have been thinking of a relative who moved into her present house before I began this tradition. If I can think of the perfect rose for her, I will send her one. Better late than never.

What qualities am I looking for?

Healthy in her climate (zone 6, humid summers)



I would consider reproduction roses for future planting, but I want this first rose to be an heirloom. She has a good-sized yard, so it can be large or small, climber or shrub. I just want it to do very, very well without spraying, and I want it to smell just wonderful. Any color will be considered. Repeat bloom, while desirable, is not absolutely required.


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Is her home protected or exposed to the winds from Canada?

Not far from Louisville on the Ohio River is a historic home in Madisonville IN and their garden does have some noisettes that come back from the roots every spring. They also have had some magnificent gallicas. You might contact Lanier House in Madisonville for their experiences over time.

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We are 160 miles east north east of Louisville (I checked Mapquest). My favorite is Mme. Plantier. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Stanwell Perpetual also does very well, quite healthy, fragrant and almost constant bloom but the flower does not have a lot of substance. Well, neither does the Mme. but Stanwell's bloom is more so and gives the impression of being fragile. The albas do well, healthy and cold hardy. Zephrine Drouhin survives in reasonable health in a difficult situation; shady, nasty clay, and on a steep slope but she always gets some blackspot. Gruss an Aachen has been durable but I don't know if this is "heirloom" enough for you. Our greatest challenges are blackspot, winter's lowest temperatures, spring's freeze thaw freeze cycles and for me heavy clay. Louisville may be better on the soil. I grew up in Illinois which had much richer soil than here. You can just see the farmer's fields getting blacker as you travel west from Ohio through Indiana into Illinois, each state blacker with richer soil than the one before. Also Louisville is on the Ohio River and so the soil would be enriched by top soil carried by runoff from the higher ground. Last year the leaves on R. gallica Rosa Mundi looked awful. Hope this helps.


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I really like Stanwell myself but I think I'd like something with more pow for a first rose. Mme Plantier is a possibility. Any other suggestions?

I don't know if she gets winds from Canada. She lives on the eastern side of town, if that is helpful.


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