Harbor Freight Propane Heater

brandond(6)January 12, 2009

hey guys IM about to build my greenhouse. Its going to be 10x10. A friend advised me against the portable mr heater types since it doesnt have a thermostat, and they use lots of propane. I did however see a 15,000 watt btu propane heater from Harbor Freight. Have any of your guys used this model, or have some feedback. I didnt wanted electric since its slow to heat up, and I live in the country, so I lose power a few times a year. If anyone would reccomend this model please give feedback,thanks a bunch,brandon

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

I buy quite a few things at Harbor Freight...but not things I need to rely on working fairly continuously or for a long time. You might be happier and even save money over the long term by buying from a place with a little higher quality. One place to start is Northern Tool.

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well , i dont know about a 15,000 wat btu propane heater. i think you need to leave the watt out.

I use a procom blueflame heater with thermostat in mine.And on cold, clowdy, windy days it runs constantly and will use a lot of propane.

also the infared heaters heat the objects before the air, that is whay the blueflame is recommended for greenhouses.

hope that helps

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Hi Brandon, both northern tool and harbor freight sell procom heaters, so you deal with procom direct for the warranty. It's 3 year factory warranty and there customer service is the best. I have a small greenhouse13 x 13 I use a barrel burner. Since the ice storm last year ,plenty of wood. But in my 1300 sq ft cabin I use 2 28,000btu blue flame propane heaters. Keeping it around 70 degrees in here at a cost of 20 to 25 gals a week. last cost per gal 1.55 Harbor freight's shipping is a lot less ,plus the floor stand and blower is a lot keeper.

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