5 Canadians and an Englishman from Pickering

AnneCecilia z5 MIMarch 16, 2012

Nudged by a post last September about Pickering Nursery listing many of their roses as "Final Season," I placed an order for some hardy roses I've been coveting for quite a while. Normally I would ask for shipment at the end of April as that is the earliest I can confidently dig in frost-free soil here in Northern Michigan but for this order I decided to chance it and request early spring (actually late winter) figuring I would have to store the roses in the root cellar an extra month or possibly pot them up and hold them in the basement. But that seemed better that than losing out on the last chance of getting these from Pickering. I feared they might be out of (any of) the roses by the time they got around to pulling my tail-end-of-the-season order, or I hoped not to end up with the dregs which has happened before. Well, what do you know? It actually worked out for my March 13th shipment (which arrived today.) I'll be planting tomorrow in 70 degree weather in ground that is completely without snow or frost. Since our huge snowstorm on the 2nd, we have been having unbelievable weather up here! All that snow melted away in days and it feels like late April, not the end of winter. I never dreamed when I ordered that we would have such an incredibly early spring. And good thing I can plant right away because I peeked in the bag and the roses appear to have broken dormancy in the warmth of their trip across the border.

For those interested in what I received, here is the list:

The Canadian-bred roses: Eddie's Crimson, Dr.F.L.Skinner, Red Dawn, Prairie Dawn and Suzanne. And the lone gentleman of English origin being Williams Double Yellow.

Dr.F.L.Skinner ended up being a lesser grade rose (which Pickering discounted) but he was the only one so I feel lucky. The rest look very nice.

I am really looking forward to playing in the dirt tomorrow!

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riku(Z3 Canada)

Good selection Annececilia and I am so glad you managed to get them as I thought you had been too late. We too are having a bizarre springerized winter that I have not experienced in 10 years ... snow is about gone over Calgary and I been wearing my cool spring coat.

I am really can not fathom why Pickering offered the Canadians for one and only one year and then says final season in the first year (WTH?????). I remember being really excited about Dr. F. L. Skinner and Red Dawn which I made sure I got in the fall along with eddie's crimson and suzanne (first time in 12 years I did a fall plant).

In addition they discontinued due to poor demand a lot of roses I had good luck with with protection so I decided this year to essentially buy only the "last season ones" even though I had blasted out most of my "out of zone" roses. I could not turn down getting their last 2 Prince Napoleon's that I rate up there with Louise Odier, and Mrs Baker that has one of the most attractive colors (got 3 of them) and I continued to disbelieve it is an HP and I am still convinced it is a portland ... though because of this site I learned 8 years ago it is one of the "portland HP's". And a new one to Pickering of a couple of years called Agatha Incarnata ... good cane hardiness up here for a gallica, but not 100%, blooms sloppy but I do not care.

Here what was confirmed ...

Rosa paulii rosea
Rosa sancta
Soupert et Notting
Williams Double Yellow
Marguerite Hilling
Eddies Crimson
Agathe Incarnata (Blush Belgic)
St. Nicholas
Rose of Castile
Panach�e de Lyon
Province Panach�e
Prince Napol�on
Pompon Blanc Parfait
Prairie Dawn
Sharifa asma��
Queen Nefertiti�
Red Dawn
Mme Boll
Mrs. Baker
Victor Borge
Bonita Renaissance
Rosa forrestiana
There are some still in the trade ones I also got but I do not include them.

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riku(Z3 Canada)

And yes forgot my DW's daffies have pushed thorugh the soil about 1.5 inches in the bed in front of the south bay window - I have never seen that here in mid-March.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Yes, bulbs are sprouting up all over the garden and there is bud-break on the quince and the lilacs already, too. I got two of my new roses planted yesterday (Red Dawn and Dr. F.L.Skinner,) slowed down by having to adjust the placement of a Buck rose and Morden Blush first, and then I decided to make room for another new rose by removing a 3 yr old William Baffin sucker and transplanting it to a more suitable location. That particular battle almost did me in!
On today's docket: planting the other 4. I'm having a hard time deciding on a location for Williams Double Yellow, having read that the bloom time is so very short. I'll have to do some more wandering and pondering (what comes with ordering roses with no plan of where they're to go!)

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