Help with the location for my GH

shari714January 5, 2009

I wanted to start by saying that this forum has been so helpful and informative.

I received a GH for Xmas from my Husband. I am waiting until the weather is a bit bearable to set it up on the east side of my house where I usually plant in the spring. It is the ideal location for my GH. This area is fenced, I decided to attach the GH to the fence which measures 10X18. Can anyone tell me if my 10X12 HFGH will fit in the width of exactly 10' 3". the measurements on the box says 10 1/2 X 12 1/2. I will not be able to fit the extra 1/2 ft in this space. We do not have much of a backyard and I wanted to leave some space for our doggies. The backyard is completely shaded from our neighbors trees as well. the only possible space is on the east side of our house. can anyone measure their erected HFGH width . I know I will have room for the length. Since reading about the support issues the HFGH has had, I know half fence will give it added support. I look forward to any advise. Shari

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Nell Jean

My HFGH is 9' 10.5" front and back, measuring the metal base.

You'll need to assemble it in the front yard, put the side panels into place as well as on the end that's going toward the fence, and attach the clips on the outside.

You'll also need to finish the roof while you can still get to it off a ladder from the sides. Once you are sure it is square and slide it onto whatever foundation it will sit on, you'll not be able to walk around it. Tight squeeze.

Once it is in place and secured to the foundation from the inside, you can put on the front panels and doors.


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Hello Shari,

The metal base of my HFGH 10x12 also measures 9'10 1/2" (actually closer to 9'10 3/8", but close enough!) My metal base sits on top of a wooden foundation that extends almost an inch beyond the metal base, so my actual outside measurement is closer to 10' 1/2" including the wooden foundation.

Wow, not having access to the outside of the greenhouse to complete construction does make it a little tricky. As Nell mentions, the panels have to be attached with clips (and screws, in my humble opinion) to the outside of the greenhouse. I think her suggestion of building the frame and attaching the panels before moving the whole structure onto your foundation (already in place) is about all you can do.

I understand the greenhouse will be anchored to the fence on the back and one side...and I'm guessing the other side is confined by the wall of your house? If I'm understanding this right, it seems like you'd have to attach all of the side panels and at least half of the roof panels (on the side of the roof closest to your house wall) before moving the structure.

If you can put a ladder outside of the fence to reach the greenhouse (does that put the ladder in your neighbor's yard?) you could possibly wait to attach the other half of the roof panels (on the side farthest away from your house.)

One heads up is while the structure is framed and enclosed with panels, but NOT anchored to a sturdy foundation, it's like a giant box kite. One wrong wind and it's possible the structure could actually be picked up off the ground. There have been a few posts here by folks who've had that happen, and the whole structure goes tumbling. (In some cases, the frame is destroyed in the process.) Personally, I'd find a way to temporarily secure the greenhouse to the ground while you're building it, before you move it onto your foundation...especially if you live in area that gets any wind at all. It's something to consider carefully.

You've probably already thought of this, but if the fence on the side is the property line between you and your neighbor, you might check to make sure sitting a structure right on the property line isn't against codes in your area...some cities require a set back of a certain number of feet.

You may have already found them, but I'll post back in a bit with some really good photos posted by GardenWeb folks that may help you in the construction.

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In addition to the many great threads and photos found here by searching for "HFGH 10x12", here's more good stuff:

Foxesearth (NellÂs) nice blog:
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My blog: Building the HFGH 10x12 Greenhouse

Gardenerwantabe's thread on HFGH modifications:
A Guide to the Modifications of 10x12 HFGH
...and a link to his photos:
Gardenerwantabe's HFGH photos

Laserfan's thread, with links to his photos:
HFGH 10x12 Lessons Learned

Oraylawson's thread, with links to his photos:
10x12 HFGH

Troykd's site:
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Amigatec's site:
How I Built My 10x12 Harbor Freight Greenhouse

Joe Urda's site:
Harbor Freight Greenhouse

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Thank you so much for your responses and the links were very helpfull. ;) can't wait to get started.

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Hi, I am going to purchase a Solar Pool cover for my HFGH 10x12. Just wanted to know if anyone figured out the perfect size to purchase to cover the entire GH snuggly.



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A day late and a dollar short for this post. I was thinking my back yard would have been a great location for your green house.

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