Mowing wet grass

groundshero(6)January 14, 2006

It's not unusual here in the Pacific Northwest to mow wet grass. It's also not unusual, from February to May, to see me bent over a tipped up mower unclogging it.

Does anyone have a useful tip for mowing wet grass without clogging the mower?

Does anyone have a mowing that is actually good in wet grass?

Unofficial Spring, and its wet grass, are just around the corner for me.

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This is what I do: 1) Mow late in the day to get the driest grass. 2) Keep the bottom of the mower deck very clean -- old grass goobers catch clippings and they eaily bunch up. 3) Keep the blades sharp. 4) Shoot, don't mulch. 5) Raise the height. 6) Mow often. 7) Run the engine on highest speed. 8) Mow half swath. 9) Forget about bagging.

The obvoius problem with wet grass is that it's sticky. I your mower won't through all the clippings clear, the deck will clog. Keeping the deck clean, using sharp blades, and cutting as little as possible help.

I've never used a push mower that handles wet grass. The only mower I have that will is on a tractor.

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I save the oil from when I change it in my mower. After I scrape the clippings from under the mower deck, I hose it out and let it dry. Then I use a paint brush and "paint" the oil all over under the deck and on the blade. It makes scraping so much easier because nothing sticks.

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loren(6 SWPa)

I've found that running the engine slower to get a slower blade speed helps. It seems a higher blade speed creates what I think of as 'coleslaw' which tends to stick to the underside of the deck quicker.

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Being an avid gardener, nematoad, I know that oil, gas, salt do not belong in the garden. I know that they can cause catastrophic consequences eg. DEAD PLANTS, making the 'coleslaw' non usuable in the garden as mulch or composted!

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Before mowing wet grass, while the mower is still dry and clean, cover the blades and cavity with Silicone spray to prevent the build up of grass. It works and makes the job easy.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Do not put motor oil any where where it can get in the soil as it will contaminate ground water, wht do you think you should recycle it ? it is a hazzard

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