Pruning comice pear tree and cherry tree.

green_turtleJanuary 15, 2010

I have a comice pear tree that is overgrown (probably 12 feet tall). I don't think it has ever been pruned before. There's no main trunk that goes all the way to the top. Instead, the main trunk goes up to around 4' and then as it continues up, it successively branches into 4 "trunks", all pointing vertically.

Also, there's another smaller comice pear tree growing out of the ground right next (touching) to the trunk of the original comice pear tree. That sucker(?) is around 7' tall. I don't know how old the original pear tree is (it came with the house), but it bore 6 fruit last year.

How do I prune the original comice pear tree such that it is not so tall?

What do I do with the smaller pear tree growing right next to it? Do I chop it off at ground level or try to dig it out?

The cherry tree (came with the house too) was trained to be an espalier, but then neglected, so that the main trunk and topmost branches shot upwards until it reached about 10'.

How do I prune the cherry tree?

Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

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