New Arrivals for 2014?

Tessiess, SoCal Inland, 9b, 1272' elevMarch 24, 2014

What roses are you adding this year?

My latest arrivals came from Greenmantle the end of last week:

R. sancta (Richard, not Andrews), Greenmantle has it grouped with the damasks but HMF says it is a "Gallica / Provins, Shrub, Species Cross". I saw it at Eurodesert and found it charming, a cute low thicket. Studying the roses at Eurodesert has continued to influence the roses I buy. If I really liked something there (in the blast furnace heat conditions), then I added it to my wish list for future purchases.

R. soulieana, a single white climbing species. According to Marissa at Greenmantle, this rose is banana-scented.

Cerise Bouquet, a R. multibracteata cross with a rose I've always liked, Crimson Glory. CB is a big bruiser--9 to 12 feet approximately. It is leafing out right now in a 3 gallon pot. I plan to put it next to the beautiful rambler The Garland.

My order from Pickering ships either today or tomorrow. I have coming:

Scneezwerg, rugosa
Wasagaming, rugosa
Mme Plantier, alba
Sophie's Perpetual, bourbon/portland
Nevada, hybrid moyesii
Lavender Lassie, hybrid musk

One rose I ordered was sold out--Fruhlingsgold, hybrid spinosissima. Maybe next year....


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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

My mom got several roses in the last couple weeks since we returned from a short trip to Iowa. Maybe it made her appreciate all the green and blooms here.

Coretta Scott King
2 Apricot Drift
Darcey Bussell

An order from Burlington coming in a few weeks will be:
Buttercup (Hybrid Tea, in honor of my 5 month old kitten named Buttercup of whom she is already very fond)
Buff Beauty
Excellenz von Schubert
Jeri Jennings
Lady Hillingdon
Pride of Oakland
Sophie's Perpetual

Boule de Neige and Cornelia are potted up bands received late last year that should be going in the ground in the Fall. Cornelia is already several feet and has some new basal shoots.

I bought Jump for Joy, Sydonie, and Dragon's Blood not too long ago. The latter two are already in the ground at my parent's house. Jump for Joy I think I'll keep myself, potted.

Roses that either I (the polys and small Austins) or my mom have planned for the Fall include:
Lupe's Buttons
Violet Hood
Larry Daniels
Marie Jeanne
Anne Marie de Montravel
The Prince
and Charlotte in honor of my grandmother named Charlotte whose funeral we were in Iowa for. Given it shares her name and that yellow roses were her favorite, my mom thinks she has to give this a shot even though better yellows are out there.


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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Lafter, a bush, pillar, short climber & 2 large climbers, Talisman Climbing & Dream Girl. Before Randy retired & closed Sherando Roses, he recommended Lafter highly as healthy & happy here. Talisman graced this garden briefly & is sorely missed. Read about Dream Girl 30 years ago, so been looking for her a long time.

Jay, sincere sympathy for you & yours at Charlotte's passing. Yellow roses were my Grandma Mayme's favorite, too, and the first planted here in loving memory.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I'm happy to say that for once I'm not ordering one darn thing, but you've all made some fine choices. I've loved Schneezwerg wherever I've seen it, and it isn't mentioned that often. R. soulieana has always struck me as being a magnificent rose. Violet Hood for me had very small flowers with a rather dull color and I no longer have it. Marie Jeanne also didn't seem very spectacular in my garden, which is not to say it couldn't be great elsewhere. I've been thrilled with the poly Pink Soupert for its health and the superb flowers that even my young plant produced. Sophie's Perpetual is lovely but my heat seemed to be too much for it.

Jay, my condolences on your grandmother's passing. I love that you're commemorating her with her namesake rose. Grandmothers are so very special.


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Campanula UK Z8

Ho, top roses, Tess - especially the scrambling R.Sancta - must get one to grow along the dry banks around the wood. Don't really recognise gallica in the lineage though and it doesn't sucker, despite lolling it's full length along the ground. Also adore soulieana - a kind of waterfall of draping blossom - a lovely, lovely rose - do you have Kew Rambler? - another soulieana hybrid with pink flowers with white centres - another great rose.
Do persevere with Fruhlingsgold - huge single blooms, flowering all along the length of wild arching canes with luminous green foliage - one of my all-time faves.
Sophie's Perpetual is slow, slow, slow - even for a china type, it takes forever to really get going....but super pretty

And Nevada - what to say - I love it so much I bought another....but this one is for the woods, growing in the shelter of an autumn cherry (Prunus subhirtella)

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I have coming soon an order from Burlington which I'm not sure I have room for!
Mme Joseph Schwartz
Marie Pavie
Portland from Glendora
and Souv. de St Anne

Jay I absolutely LOVE Charlotte. I bought it last spring and it really "sprung" and bloomed like crazy. Beautiful! I have a new niece this year named Charlotte :)
so the name lives on.

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lori_elf z6b MD

I hadn't bought roses in two years and have been in the process of downsizing and thinning my collection, but due to the unusually cold winter I lost a few transplanted roses this winter so broke down and ordered two new ones to replace ones that died.

I am getting La Ville de Bruxelles and William Morris from Heirloom! So happy and excited to be trying new roses again!

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I have to slow down now a days. I don't even know how many roses there are in pots right now, mostly for the rambler collection. There are cuttings I took last Fall maturing, Night's Musk June Morn, and Mendocino Gothic. There are cuttings from a hybridizing friend(very interesting) that don't have names yet. I did order two roses from Rogue Valley to celebrate the ending of my drought worries, Juliette Greco and Countess of Stradbrooke.
Melissa, don't miss Fruhling's Gold next time. What a beauty!

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This year I planted all the roses I had in pots, which are Pumpkin Patch and Ketchup and Mustard (36" trees), Munstead Wood, Oranges 'n' Lemons, and PAK. My only purchase this year was Princess Anne. I saw her in full bloom at the nursery and had to have her. I am officially out of room, but am now starting to plant seedlings just to see what comes up! I would so love to get Annie Laurie McDowell and some of the old roses, but that will only happen if I move to a larger space.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I was officially out of space, but with determination, discovered where I could squeeze in two new rose: Felicia hybrid musk and Bourbon (I think?) Boule de Neige--along the back fence.

And I had two casualties from the summer drought two summers ago. The replacements are Eden climber (same as its predecessor) in the main garden and Ghislaine de Feligonde (hybrid muliflora or something like that), also along the back fence down at the other end.

So much fun to order roses -- didn't think I'd get to do it this year.


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I ordered to many to name ATM. Probably another forty with what I'll be receiving in fall. I will say what I've just received from Burlington looking awesome!

Smith parish
denise cassegrain
margo's baby
mrs. charles bell
mrs. herbert stevens
souv. de brod
tip top
yvonne rabier
gourmet popcorn
grace seward
scarlet moss
stars and stripes
capitaine basroger
mme. abel chatney

Will post as more come in. If anyone would like to comment on how any of these do for you I would love top hear it!


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I'll be curious to hear about/see pics of your Smith's Parish. Such an interesting rose!

Lori Elf,
I'm sorry you lost two roses but am so glad you managed to replace them with La Ville de Bruxelles and William Morris, I, too, have La Ville coming. Wonderful rose! Did you order both roses from Heirloom or just Wm. Morris? A word of caution if you ordered La Ville from Heirloom. I believe that nursery still sells the imposter that they sent me a while back. Pickering also has La Ville in stock and I'm on RVR's waiting list for a 2nd just to be sure. (Can you tell I REALLY want this rose?)

Tessiess, my arrivals include four Paul Bardens--Crested Damask, Rook, Oshun and Marianne; albas Great Maiden's Blush and Blush Hip; and damask La Ville de Bruxelles.


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I just got in my order from High country roses

Minnie Pearl

Mountain Mignonette


Ferdinand Pichard

Varieta di Bologna

Hope everyone's orders are doing well!!!

Still to receive

From Linda at Long Ago roses I will be receiving next month or so

Cardinal de Richelieu
William Lobb
Henri Martin

Rogue Valley, which I believe ships out next week

Duchesse de Montebello

Louis Gimard

Dainty Bess


Plus my mystery and free rose which I chose Incantation a Paul Barden rose.

I also have three coming from Roses Unlimited, maybe more, if I have the resource's to order more, she's rooting two for me, and one wouldn't be ready until August.

They were:

Occhi di Fata

Edith de Murat ( ready in August)

and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the other I will have to call :)

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Alana, do you have a steam shovel? Just kidding. You are gonna be in great shape by the end of planting season. If you post a sign at your gate with a donation box and stack of maps, you'll make a mint on garden tours. Please post pics when everything begins to bloom. Your garden collection rivals the great ones! Carol

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

Like Ingrid I'm proud to say I didn't order any new roses this year, after accumulating a large collection of potted roses I've been working hard to get them in the ground.

Roses I've planted this season are:
Mme. Berkeley
Autumn Sunset
Paul Neyron
Mystery Purple (from RVR, still don't know what it is)
Mme. Zazu
Buff Beauty
Archduc Charles
Golden Moss
La Rubanee
Beau Narcisse
Elegant Gallica
Boule de Neige
Mr. Lincoln
Autumn Damask
Gruss an Aachen
Fragrant Hour
Cramoisi Superieur
White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth

This post was edited by peachymomo on Mon, Apr 7, 14 at 18:54

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Thanks Carol! I'll post pics when everything's blooming and in the ground! My steam shovel's name is Wes :) He'll get mad and threaten not to dig anymore holes from time to time :)

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lori_elf z6b MD

PortlandMysteryRose, I did order both roses from Heirloom, and will be bummed if La Ville de Bruxelles turns out to be a mislabed rose. I get so annoyed with that, especially when you're saving a large spot for a special rose and are rationing new orders. :-)

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