What do I do with pampas grass?!?!

lolabola(z8 NE UK)March 29, 2004

We've just moved to a new house, and there is a large pampas grass growing in the back garden. I've never dealt with one before and I don't know what to do with it. Right now, the "feathers" are on brown stalks and are bent over on the ground. Much of the plant is brown, but there are lots of green leaves as well.

What should I do with the plant? I read on another forum that you can cut it down to about 12" in the spring. Is it okay to do this? I'd just like to clean it up because it looks pretty unsightly right now. If I do cut it down, does anyone know how long it'll take before it fills out?

Thanks. :-)

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Use twine to bind the stems and dried leaves into a sheaf (makes handling the bulk ever so much easier), then cut it about 12" above the ground or just above the new leaves. It's best to do this in very late winter, but better now than not at all. Use a strong garden rake to pull most (or as many as you can get) of the loose dead and dried leaves out of the clump. That's really all you need to do; generally, pampas is very self-sufficient.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Pampas grass is a very invasive plant in some parts of this country. I notice you live in the UK. I know that many problem plants here are not a problem in your area

I don't know a lot about it as it's not at all common in the area where I live but it's prevalent in the southeast.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pampas grass

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around here, the fancy way is to bind the clump together like a sheaf of wheat, and cut it off at the knees with a scythe (or sickle, or machete) but I've also seen people just take a weed-whacker (string-trimmer) to them and cut them down to about 6".

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whartonia(8b/9a, Marion)

My advice is to wear long sleeves and gloves. I made the mistake of wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. My arms were scratched raw from the leaves. Now if I had known about wrapping the leaves together, I would have been in better shape.

The pampas grass in my front yard was overgrown and out of control. I got mad at it and tried to remove it completely. There were a few stumps that I couldn't get out of the ground. Two weeks later, they are sprouting new leaves.

Neesa in FL

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marylynh1(So Cal)

I am in Southern Calif. A man removed one from a neighbor's yard right next to my yard. I think he spent 2 weeks on it, but he did completely eradicate it. I think it is next to being called a noxious weed here. The seeds blow and grow.

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I just did the procedure mentioned about cutting it down to about 12 inches of the ground in jan. of this year and I also split the clump in half to get two plants and relocated the pampas to a different area and it worked great.My only advice (due different)would be to chop the leaves closer to the ground as it takes a little while for the stalks/dead leaves to dry out for removal and they look unsightly next to the new growth. good luck

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I was just given some "Northern Pampas Grass" by a friend in Utah, Zone 5. I also am Zone 5 but in NM.

In line with some of your suggestions, he cuts his back in the Spring and told me to do it early, or the new leaves will look blunt where they were cut. He says it will grow to 12 ft.

I know that Pampas Grass has been outlawed in parts of Tucson, AZ because it is so invasive. I live in the middle of a national forest and do NOT want to introduce non-native plants to the wilderness.

Is Norther Pampas Grass as invasive as Pampas Grass? My friend's wife said the NPG pops up very quickly where not planted. My friend says it can easily be pulled out the first year---but has a deep root if left to be established.

Right now- I am thinking of growing in a pot on my patio- far from natural vegetation.

Thanks for any advice.

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krystalmo(z6 MO)

It is a little late for this now, but about a month before it starts growing I light a match and burn the brown stuff away. It makes a heck of a bonfire but the mess is gone in a flash. I used to spend half the day hauling all the dead stuff away, etc. Got tired of that after 10 years and tried this and have vowed to never haul it again.


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Mine got out of hand last year. Late this winter I threw a match on it and let it burn. Of course I can do this because I'm not living in an area that is greatly restricted. It sure beats trying to cut it back.


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whats the best way to move two large plants to another area. they are about 7 feet tall. Is it hard to dig up and move and should I do it now (early november) or spring.
Northeast florida is area

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lola. flora had a good idea about the grass.burn it baby burn it.i've seen it on farms where it looked at home and not bad.but it doesn't look right on small properties and can be a nusiance.

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I have some white PG.. and I was wondering if someone had a suggestion as to what kinds of plants or flowers to plant around it? any responce would be appriciated!

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When is a good time to fertilize pampass grass and what type of fertilizer should I use to increase the fronds?
I haven't had any issues with my grasses going out of bounds.

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singleton165(z5 NH Seacoast)

I believe that most ornamental grasses do not need fertilizer...it'll just make them flop. Try checking out the ornamental grass forum, they have tons of information

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