How do you trim a Red Hot Poker plant?

trudy1959(z7 MD)March 26, 2005

I have several Red Hot Poker plants and the foliage is all brown. What is the best way to trim this for spring? Thanks!

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slubberdegulion(z7 VA)

I was hoping someone would answer this, Trudy, but since nobody else has I will. (I'm thinking someone with more skill will read it, be horrified, and give a better answer...ha!)

Most of my pokers aren't evergreen either, I have read somewhere that you can bend the leaves up over the crown to prevent crown rot over the winter (I've not done this). Anyway, usually, the first one or two I trim the leaves back neatly to the crown (or until I see green), then I lose all patience and trim them like I do liriope (gather all the brown leaves and crew cut them). I did manage to trim back a somewhat 'evergreen' red hot poker once, but it managed to make itself presentable by summer. Most of my kniphofia put out plenty of fresh new leaves and look fine by mid to late spring.

Good luck and enjoy them!

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I can't get my Red Hot Pokers to germinate.
What's the secret?

New seeds commercially purchased this year. Different companies even.


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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

MamaSpud - I am trying some this year for the first time (Ferry-Morse seeds that I found at a True Value Hardware store I frequent that sells plants) and it took a little over 3 weeks for mine to sprout. They finally made an appearance a week ago. I had them in a little clear solo cup under some lights and near my apt. heater where it is warm (usually >72° F and often in the low '80s). They ended being the latest to get sprouted and the last of my perennials to sprout too... I planted them in some Promix soil and put a little saran wrap (secured with a rubber band) over the top to create a mini-greenhouse. Once the first sprouted, I took the plastic off and only bottom water them (there's a hole at the bottom of the cup and I fill the little saucer with water and keep adding until the soil soaks it up to make it just moist). I also have a little fan blowing across all my seedlings to keep the air moving. My lights are actually a pair of 500W Home Depot worklights on a stand but a couple feet away. I think most people use the fluorescents but I have some high light tropicals under these lights too, so alot of things share them during winter.

This is what they look like today (1 week after germinating):

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