What I can I plant around my French Drain outlet?

pghgardnewbie(6)March 17, 2007

We waterproofed our basement last spring, and there are two pumps that spit out a good deal of water into two garden beds (well away from the foundation). The outlet on my side yard, which is pretty flat, has now started to erode the soil. There is a huge puddle now due to snow melting and recent rainfall, and a trench is forming near the spout.

Could I plant something around this area to soak up some of the excess runoff, or am I looking at possible root rot from too much water? There generally isn't too much puddling in the summer (except after a huge rain), but it has been a problem this spring, so I don't know if I should consider an annual that I plant later in the season as opposed to a perennial or some sort of bush...

I don't have much of a bed going yet, so it wouldn't be too much trouble to integrate a new plant, I just don't have a clue what might be a good fit. I am in SW PA, which, depending on where you look, is either zone 5b or 6a. Hope that helps?

Thanks in advance!

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On the left side of the site below, go to the 'Explore Plants' section, then 'Native Plants' and plug in your specific information. It will give you lots of native plant options for your situation. (This info is thanks to emm82, another GW poster.) Also, you can check with your local office of the cooperative extension for suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wildflower site

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