Growing Moss

sheryl1959April 22, 2007

I have lived in my home for 15 years, and have a problem growing grass. The area with the trouble, is located in the front yard under the awning, right in front of the house. The yard also has trees blocking the sunlight most of the day. My husband suggested growing moss there, but I don't know where or how to do that. Is there a recipe to use or can I buy It??

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deep_woods(z5 central IL)


You can buy moss from Moss Acres ( you can go out in the woods and collect it if you know a landowner.

Or you might have it already growing somewhere on your property. Just transplant the moss to your shady location.

Water only with rainwater or distilled using a sprayer. Moss needs little water since it has no roots. You want your moss to be watered at least every other day by spraying or raining.

Check out the book "Moss Gardening" by George Schenk

Good luck.


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yardenman(z7 MD)

If you have any moss, you can multiply it.

Put some into a blender. Add ½ tsp of sugar and a can of beer or milk. Just barely blend the moss, sugar, and liquid. Paint the blend where you want the new moss. Of course, it should be a shady spot or it wonÂt grow.

Mist it gently for a week.

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How much beer and or milk would I need for a garden of 300 square feet? I would like to do this economically. Do I mix it with water?


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