Robert's Wondrous Ruthie

ArbutusOmnedo 10/24April 1, 2014

Can anyone chime in who has experience growing or regularly seeing Robert's Wondrous Ruthie? Apart from color, is it fairly similar to its seedling sister Jeri Jennings? There isn't much out there on this Barden introduction. I'm particularly interested in habit, frequency of rebloom, and rust/p.m. resistance. Thanks for any info.


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catsrose(VA 6)

Mine is in a rather shady spot and competes with the roots of a highly successful weed tree that just won't die. So, I can tell you it is tough. It would probably bloom more if it had better conditions because there are usually a few flowers here&there except during the hottest weather.

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If you hang around long enough, Paul Barden, the breeder, is a member here (Tprospero) and will tell you what you need to know.

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plan9fromposhmadison(8A Madison Mississippi)

HelpMeFind has a full-plant photo that seems to be of Barden's original plant. The growth habit looks like Rosa Multiflora - but in miniature - and absolutely PACKED with blooms. Very exciting color range in the blooms, IMHO. So... I'm guessing that it's a particularly graceful mounding shrub, of moderate size.

It seems NOT to be just another redundant pink Hybrid Musk, but instead seems to offer something unique, and a bit more refined.

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Here's that pic. Wondrous is right!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wondrous

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

Oh I know it well! That picture is probably the main reason I was inspired to ask about this rose. It is really something in person I bet. Hopefully trospero will chime in. I hope he posts more recent full bush shots on HMF if that plant is still there. Maybe others will begin to post pictures in the future when their plants are more mature.

I have a young Jeri Jennings that is doing very well. If it keeps it up, I'll probably try RWR whether or not I hear from others.


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'R'sWR' is likely to be free of both Mildew and Rust in your region -- its weakness is Blackspot if that is something you are inclined to get a lot of. (This selection was donated as a fundraiser/auction plant for one of the SoCal rose groups, and so it was deemed appropriate for the SoCal climate, but would suffer too much Blackspot in many other climates)

My original plant never exceeded 5 feet tall and 7 feet wide, but it was planted in a very heavy clay, so a more forgiving soil would potentially result in a much larger specimen. It will always be an umbrella-shaped grower; wider than tall, arching and graceful. ('Jeri Jennings' is a much more upright plant in comparison)

And yes, it blooms like mad, but in distinct flushes. IE: big one in May and then more modest repeats for the rest of the year. Unlike some shrubs, it doesn't "shut down" during the warmest part of the summer - a trait no doubt passed on by 'Joycie'.

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ArbutusOmnedo 10/24

Well that answers everything I could want to know! Thank you so much Paul!

Dragon's Blood and Jeri Jennings have been excellent in Coastal So Cal so far. I gifted Pam's Choice to my mom for Mother's Day which she was very excited about. We just love your roses! Do you think Treasure Trail could do well about a mile from the beach? I know the HMF entry mentions that it is mildew resistant, which encourages me. Thanks again for all of the incredible work you've done.


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RE 'Treasure Trail': It has been one of the best modern Mosses I have grown as regards Mildew resistance, but I wouldn't dare offer a statement about its performance in any climate other than my own. I would say that you will likely have a better experience with it than many others, but will it be 100% mildew-free? You may have to find out for yourself.

I'm glad you are trying 'Pam's Choice' -- it is a really neat color and quite sturdy for its color type :-)

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