Is this inexpensive Big Lots greenhouse worth buying?

donnaroeFebruary 27, 2012

We cannot afford to buy much of anything these days. I would love to have a place to start vegetable and flower seeds, as I know from past experience, you can save alot of money rather than buying flats of plants. Here is the link:

Village Green� Deluxe Walk-In Greenhouse


Compare to:$89

You Save:44% [$39]

Regularly $69.

�12 metal frame shelves

�Zippered, roll-up door for easy access

�Provides plant protection, and enables year-round gardening

�Cover Included

57.5"D x 56.25"W x 76.75"H

SKU: 210020877

In Store Only

Or, is this worthless?

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My experience has been that you will be better off starting your vegies and flowers indoors under lights (or in a sunny room). I start mine in march and I am getting ready for it. The reason is that most seeds will not germinate if it is cold.

A greenhouse like that will be more useful for protecting plants for a few weeks in April and May when temperatures can fluctuate a lot. It will be useful to harden off plants before putting them in the ground. In the day time that greenhouse will be heat up fast on a sunny day and cool down pretty quick in the night.

It is a good deal in my opinion but do not rely on that to get an early start for germinating seeds. Cool climate plants like lettuce can be started in that to give you a head start.

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Just to let you know, I bought the smaller version of the one you are looking at buying for around $40 at Menards last spring. If you have any intention of putting it outside in any wind, forget it. Last year was my first year starting plants from seed, so I thought this would be great. If you are just starting seeds indoors some shelves and lights will work fine. Im in Minnesota and thought after the weather got nicer in late April early May i could put this outside. I had it set upagainst my house and I came home from work one day and the thing was bent over and had dumped some of my plants :( I think its just to chinsy to hold up to any wind. I'm thinking about getting a 6 x 8 from menards that is on sale right now for $148 I don't know if this would work anybetter or not yet want to look into it more, hopefully would be able to stake it down. I here you with the not being able to spend alot.

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I bought one this year from Big Lots and I think it's the best $50 I've spent in a long time. Tropicofcancer is right that they're not ideal for STARTING seeds, but wonderful for that growing season between starting the seeds and putting the plants in the garden. I use a small electric oil-filled heater (the ones that look like a radiator) for heating it on cold nights. I used tent stakes to stake the frame to the ground so it won't blow over, and it's withstood gusts over 40mph. I have an inexpensive (under $20) digital wireless thermometer to monitor the temp inside the greenhouse at all times. Small sending unit hangs in the greenhouse and a digital display of temperature (box about the size of a deck of cards) sits on my desk. The entire assembled greenhouse weighs less than 20 pounds and is easy to move from one location to another when empty. The biggest problem has been overheating - you CANNOT place it where it will get full sun all day! I had the temp go as high as 115 degrees inside before I moved it to a spot where it now gets only morning sun. I've also cut a couple of triangle-shaped vents in the upper sides; open them on hot days and close them (with Velcro strips) when not needed.

The greenhouse has shelving for 12 flats/trays, but you can turn the trays sideways on one side or the other and actually get 18 flats on the shelves. Right now mine is holding just over 200 potted peppers/tomatoes/herbs/flowers and I have room for 2 more flats.

Be careful with the two zippers used to open the large front door. I think they may be the weakest link. Another thing I really like - I am 6' tall and can stand inside while working without having to stoop over. If you're 6'2" or taller, that could be a problem.

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Riggerson, what region are you in? I'm in New England, and it can get cold. Would it get too cold here?

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I just built this greenhouse and it was a snap to put together and I know I will use it. However, the 12 shelves they sent do not fit the braces (they are about 3/4 inch too narrow) and that means I'll have to go get something (metal strapping tape, etc.) to get them to fit. That's disappointing. I'm going to try turning them sideways for now.

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We invested in one of these recently, one our worst "investments". The ease of assembly should have been seen as a warning. Unfortunately it also disassembles too easily and quickly in just a brisk breeze. More damaging - the plastic cover rips and tears too easily. I think I have used 1/2 roll of packing tape repairing rips along the seams, especially at the corners.

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I have to agree with JohnFLob. We purchased this greenhouse this year and my decision is that it was good while we had it. There are many issues. We had 20 1ftx6in blocks holding down the framing along with tent stakes. The cover does rip easily. It heats up to 100 degrees when it is only 60 outside. The shelving is something that we are going to use again in a better structure once we get one.

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Fun to put together, doesn't STAY together. No screws or clasps hold the frame, so ANY wind blows things apart. Currently have things tied with heavy string; going to drill some screw holes later. Vinyl on the door seam already starting to rip, before the first seeds are planted!

However, I'd probably buy it again. Cheap, fun, motivating.

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I've already gotten my money's worth from this greenhouse, just in having the shelves to hold all my wintersown containers. I'll use it to harden off the indoor seedlings, then take it down for the summer. It's held on the deck with eyebolts and wire. For me, the plastic cover just softens the rain and hail. I leave it rolled up to the roof line so overheating and wind aren't a problem. BTW, last year's $20 BL greenhouse shelf unit fits perfectly inside this GH so I have a u-shaped bank of shelving.

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I bought this same one and plan to use it this season to harden off plants before planting. I start my seeds in the house under lights but I never have enough room in my cold frame for everything.
I have a smaller version of this that has worked well for me and am hoping for the same results using this model.

Good luck on your planting.

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Regarding the CHEAP and I can not believe we fell for this $60 greenhouse.
I'm confident that my 3 year old nephew could design something better. Seriously ...any store that puts out Crap like that is guaranteed to go out of business can only fool customers so many times.

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anita(z5 UT)

Oh dear. I just bought this, but haven't put it together yet. I was thinking I would use it for hardening off seedlings and starting cuttings. I was planning to use milk jugs painted black and filled with water for a "heat sink". I had reasonable success doing that for a small "hoop house", growing greens in the late fall/early winter. I was planning on putting it in my small "orchard" so it won't get full sun until the weather gets cooler and the trees drop their leaves.

I guess I'd better tie it down.

I'm in Utah, near SLC. (suburbs)

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NO! I've had mine 11 days, and it's blown over and flown half way across the yard 3 times. No way to secure it. It comes with 4 needle-thin "anchors," but I'm using 16 big tent stakes and 6 concrete blocks to hold the frame down, and it's against the south side of my house. Wind still gets under it, and it takes off, dumping the contents everywhere. Then I have to play Tinkertoys to put it back together and repot the plants and replant seed trays. The metal rods slip easily out of the plastic connectors. I've already tried Bungi cords and Duct Tape. This morning I am going to Superglue the frame pieces together (metal rods to plastic connectors), put the tent stakes and concrete blocks back on the bottom frame, and set bricks all around the bottom on the edges of the plastic cover to try once more. If that doesn't work, I give up. Sometimes the F-word is simply inadequate.

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I gave up for the season after the Greenhouse blew over again and bent rods and broke connectors. Bad weather is due that would put this sucker into low earth orbit, so there it no point in putting it back up now.
Save your money and buy a real green house with wood and glass.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Sounds like it's basically an expensive kite.

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No it's not worth the money. I set it up last year getting it ready to use this year and there are holes all over it (rotting plastic)

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CanadianLori(6a Oakville)

I've got to admit that you got me so curious I went to look at it. Doesn't look bad in the showroom but it has been fun reading the various cons of this. I'm just sorry anyone here has had to go through first hand experience. $60 buys a lot of soil..

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Yes. This was my second year with the same greenhouse. I'm in the suburbs of NYC, set it up in early March when I am ready to move seedlings out of my house. It definitely needs to be anchored and heated. (Mine is tied down on my deck and heated with Christmas lights. The zippers are weak, just be careful. I stored it in the attic between seasons with no issues. Will have to replace the plastic for year 3. You can't go wrong for the price.

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my wife bought one of these and the framework is fine as well as the shelving its the plastic covering that is junk,the seams are poorly designed, and it rips very easily, I emailed the company and their response was no warrantee for covering, but you can buy a new cover for 40 us dollars, and it takes 2 weeks to get because it comes from china. I forgot to mention we used old 1 gallon bleach containers filled with water at the corners with strong braided nylon twine to hold the greenhouse down in case high winds occurred, and it worked, remember take it down for the winter and store in a dry place

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CanadianLori(6a Oakville)

I just realized that, come fall there wont be enough room in the gh to bring back in my pepper plants. I just want to keep the frost off and buy a few weeks at the end of the season so I bought the 56x56 size on sale at tsc. I also bought some seedling mats that I wil power with my solar panel/deep cell battery system. Hope this works..

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we built a base for ours and it has been in 60 pmh gust and still standing. live in vegas with hot summers so have a fan in 2 cross corners 1 top, 1 bottom. also clip the bottom flaps open and leave the door open to bring down the heat. have started seeds init and they are doing great. and yes the zipper is the worst part we are going to replace with Velcro.

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Chris Eller

I need replacement parts - the connectors were bent. Is there a local place or only from China

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chevytom55 if you still have the info for the people that made this i could use it.

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