Stone dust driveway

anngarden2(z5NY)April 24, 2006

Has anyone had experience with a limestone driveway? I believe it is 2" depth of 1" drainage stone compacted with 2" of stone dust(limestone) compacted on the top. Does anyone have pictures?

I have a blacktop drive and want to extend it to the backside of the house for parking. I don't think I want to go to the work of driveway pavers and I do not like more blacktop.

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jazzbone(7 AL)

Around here the quarries sell a product called "crush-and-run" which is really just gravel with all the small stone and dust included. Their proper name, by DOT regulations, is #810modified. Since most of the rock formations around here are limestone the product is basically what you have described.

My driveway is about 1000 feet long and I have this 'limestone with the fines' (crush-n-run) the full length. It packs very well and only washes from steep areas if there is a very hard rain. Otherwise, it drains well and does not become mushy, mucky, or mud at all (it does need to be installed with proper drainage.)

For most of the area that I have this material over I have come back with a layer of washed limestone gravel for a surface that is not as dusty. This layer needs to be laid down before the base material (crush-n-run) is packed hard else it will be like loose gravel on concrete. It packs really hard.

I have far too much drive/parking/turn-around to think about asphalt or concrete. Besides, being in the country, I like the informal look of the gravel drive.

This is my first time in this forum. I just jumped in here and started "talking". I hope I have not intruded on anyone. Anyway, maybe this helps.


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