Vertical Blade Grass Shears

schoolhouse_gwMay 21, 2008

Any comments on these grass shears, to be used as edge shears for flower beds in lawn areas? My beds are trenched and I've always looked for a tool to clip the grass that grows across the trench. Check this tool out at the link below, scroll down to "Vertical Blade Lawn Shears 39" (P75)" and tell me if it's worth $66. Currently, I'm using some vertical hand held grass shears I bought at Lowes the other day for $9.99. Just thought the long handles would be a plus. Bacho is suppose to be a great brand,too. No, I'm not spamming, honest!

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Never tried them. Let us know how they work out.

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Still haven't bought them, still debating. The small hand shears are doing the job, albeit bending over for extended periods of time isn't great on the back. I'm wondering about those handles on the Bachos, look like lopper handles and just seems like an odd way to operate vertical shears. I've seen cheaper models in catalogs that have a small handle at the very top of the long pole that you squeeze with one hand, like a gripper you pick things up with.

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Funny that I would run across these now - this is my first visit to this forum. I was just out weed-eating tonight and I *hate* it...was thinking I could do just as well with something like this, but I did not know such a tool existed. I would also love to hear if anyone else has used them.


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Hey all,
I use a Fiskar's long handled grass shear that I bought several years ago at Sear's. It works decently. Here's a link to it and some other ones. Anything to save our backs!

Here is a link that might be useful: Long handled grass shears

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brockthegreek - a month later after posting this, I was at a Spring Craft/Art fair type thing; and this lady had some antique odds and ends. One was an old long handled grass shear just like those in the pics you linked to! It almost looked like a toy - green tin with two small hard rubber wheels and a grip handle. Probably from the 1930 or 40's. I paid $10 for it, took it home and couldn't wait to use it. The blades were still sharp and it actually worked where the wheels could roll. But, where my flower beds are trenched, it wasn't able to get at the grass very easily.

Thanks for your feedback, tho. I'm still debating the Bacho's.

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My $9.99 Lowe's hand shears broke already. Well, a bolt fell out in the middle of a job - somewhere, it's lost - and now the blades won't shut by themselves. I have to push the lower blade shut with my finger...grrrrr. This doesn't have much to do with my original post, but just thought I'd share. Now to find an old bolt in the nail box and see if I can fix the shears.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

schoolhouse - the shears in your posted picture would require you to be bending down or crouching when you use them. I would recommend traditional long-handled edging shears like the ones in the link. They work very well, you do not have to bend and they last for ever. The length of the handle also means you can exert quite a force with them. This is what I use on my grass paths. As with all tools you get what you pay for and I would not expect to get shears like this of an acceptable quality for less than about £20 - 25. That said, I have been using mine for over 20 years.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yeah, I think the Bacho vertical shears look pretty close to what your photo shows. Do you mean 39" handles wouldn't be long enough? I see also in your photo that (you?) are using them with a trenched bed which just what I need. Where did you buy yours and how much is that in US dollars? ha.

Bacho shears:

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The picture is not of me. I found it on Google. Mine are Wilkinson Sword shears and I'm not sure how long the handles are. I thought the ones you were posting about were the little hand held shears I saw when I looked at your web address. The ones you picture in your last post look just the thing.You can get ones with telescopic handles but I have never tried them. I find them easy to use. Over here we generally have a gully around beds which is cut vertical on the grass side with a spade or edging iron and sloping on the bed side. The link shows a grass path on my allotment and the edging shears and push mower which made it. As you can see they are old and rusty but still doing stalwart service. To get a price in the US it would probably be best if you Googeled.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes,flora - that's basically how my edging looks around my flowerbeds and the ones with boxwood hedge surrounding them.
Cut vertical on the grass side, then I have about a foot more or less dirt and mulch,then the bed. Never did the slope cut , I've read about that somewhere else. Said it helps to keep erosion at bay. I should do it.

Those shears of yours DO look sturdy and perfect for the job. Bet I'll end up with a pair before too long. Thanks for the tips and the link.

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