How to hang plaques on stucco wall

angelao(z3 Canada)May 2, 2005

I'd like to hang some plaques onto stucco walls on the exterior of my house - is there a way to do this without hammering nails into the stucco? Is there an adhesive that would work?

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I drill a small hole with a masonry bit, then insert a wall anchor and a screw.

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I just went through this to hang a planter at my front entry. The stucco is like rock. You won't be able to bang a hole into it anyway. I don't think any adhesive will stick for long. I had to get a masonry bit and drill a hole just like the poster above me said. It took forever but I got it done.

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angelao(z3 Canada)

When you drilled the hole with the masonry bit, did any of the stucco chip away? I've been wanting to hang stuff on the outside walls where my deck is but my husband doesn't want to make any holes in the stucco because he thinks the stucco will start chipping away.

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My masonry bits make a very neat round hole- no chips.

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