Help! Major Ivy Crisis!

themrsg1May 30, 2014

Hey, so there appears to be some awful Ivy growing all over my sheds and walls. Problem is, the roots are not to be seen! I'm not sure if they are at the very back of the sheds or even in the neighbours garden! (They are not gardeners) the ivy has been growing for about 20years +.

I've cut it right back, but within weeks it's back and worse. We have some big plans for our garden and feel we cannot even start before getting rid of the ivy.

Please help.

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You do need to get the roots and but for now, you can keep cutting, and stay on top of it. It may still be getting energy (chlorophyll) from other parts that you can't see since you don't know where the plant originates from.

An alternative is to take one of the vine sections and stick it in some herbicide in a container. That way, you only affect that vine. Leave it in there for a few days.

You may have to repeat the procedure over the season or even for a few more years to come, but hopefully it helps to get the herbicide back to some of the originating roots.

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That's great thankyou. I've always hated Ivy. And know I remember why!

Thanks for your help.

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