Round Up vs Vinegar

dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)May 22, 2011

I have a handwritten note in my garden records that says Organic Round Up alternative--20% vinegar.

Although I don't recall the origin of this recipe, I do remember going to every Agway and store around me looking for 20% vinegar without success.

A few questions:

Does it work?

Is readily available 5% effective, even if it takes longer and more applications?

Would boiling down the 5% produce a 20% concentration?

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Dian, 20% vinegar, if you could find it, is quite caustic and there is some danger to the applicator involved.

As far as I know, boiling vinegar does not increase the acidity - at least the ph doesn't change when using it in pressure canned recipes and canning where acidity can be paramount :)

If you use regular 5% vinegar as a weed spray it will kill minor weeds, especially if sprayed on a sunny afternoon (as opposed to a shady morning or evening). It will quickly kill top growth, and may not have a lasting effect on tap rooted weeds like dandelions. Unlike Roundup, it doesn't have a systemic action, meaning it is not taken down into the roots to kill at that level.

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