Joining Floating Row Covers

terrynewMay 8, 2014

Has anyone ever tried to connect two pieces of floating row cover together to make it wider (not longer)? I'm looking for a technique to join my two 7' wide pieces to be 14' wide, yet joined well enough that potato beetles can't get in.

I've tried my office stapler but it rips the flc in wind (possibly due to sharp edges). I've tried a battery-operated potato-chip-bag sealer (to make a heat weld of the plastic), but it isn't hot enough sometimes and sticks to the plastic other times.

I've been avoiding the sewing-needle-and-thread solution, but it may be all there is left. Except, of course, buying new 15' wide rolls. Any creative alternatives, please?

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don't know if it would work on something lightweight, but I used an automotive adhesive for some garden junk.

The great thing is that it'll survive any weather, the not-as-great thing is that it comes in a tube which costs, can't remember exactly, maybe $8.

& of course you do not want to glue your fingers to each other or to the row cover.

Best luck!

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