Gardening with allergies

ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)May 20, 2008

Two years ago I was diagnosed with out door allergies. I told the doctor this can't happen, I'm a gardener! She said "not anymore". I'll show them I thought. Any way last year wasn't too bad, but this spring it has brought me to my knees. Congestion, aches, fever, coughing, now I have all of these meds to take. Saturday I was outside all day playing in the dirt and by Saturday night I was a mess (and still am). Anybody out there with allergies? How do you cope? Any tricks I could try? Any tip will be greatly appreciated!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

My husband suffers terribly from outdoor allergens, but his symptoms have improved incredibly since he began using a nasal irrigator regularly. His is an electric model. He hasn't had a sinus headache or infection in the four years he's been using it. It also reduces the congestion of a cold.

He uses it several times a week, and always after mowing or doing other outdoor work. He's a professional horticulturist, by the way. ;-)

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vrie(3/4 MT)

If I know that some of my irritants are in season, I pop the allergy meds BEFORE I go out.
I am allergic to one of our more predominant weeds, so I am careful to hit that stuff while it is so small I can barely see it (luckily it's pretty distinctive) but it hides in my tall stuff and lives happily in other people's yards and the empty fields around me.
I also pay my kids to weed the weed if it gets very big, as I can't pull the stuff with gloves on, and when I try I break out and get horrible miserable from breathing near it

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the thing is, your allergie, thingi is in your nose and your inner eye by the nose. thats where they get the histamines. so i imagine if you also take the eye drops also along with the nose thingi (hubby takes veramyst). then you should be ok. IMO :'))

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For years now, I live on Zyrtec & Claritin D. Year round to boot. The last week, my allergies have been horrible, yet it doesn't stop me from gardening...

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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

Thanks for all of your tips. It's much appreciated! Doc had me on Singulair and next year we are going to start it sooner. I also want to try the nasal irrigator.

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cris(6b RI)

I'm a landscape designer who suffers from indoor and outdoor allergies. Weeds, grass, and molds are my outdoor allergens. I take Xyzal, Singular, Astelin, and Flonase in my bad seasons. All four do cover my allergies pretty well. In the fall, when the molds kick in, I do use nasal irrigation and it does work.

Try a couple of other meds with the singular...I really like the ones I'm on and I feel pretty normal when all four are used. In my not so bad seasons, I go down to maybe 2 or 3 of the meds. I'm allergic to my indoor cat so I need to take them all year around.

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A tip a doctor told me that was very helpful is this. Always take a shower and wash your hair before you go to bed. People that love to garden come in at night with their hair full of pollen and then lay down and sleep in a pillow that is now full of pollen. Makes sense right! This has helped me a lot.

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