kaymcd(z5/NY)May 19, 2004

My neighbor just told me he wants to put in a black top drive and will be taking out the hedges etc between our houses. My lilac have just finished blooming . I want to move the lilac bush. Should I cut it back first, and if so how much before moving it?

Also I have to move irises just staring to bloom, can I move them now?

and also I have day lilies that need to be moved. Will they survive transplating now, the leaves are up but no flowers yet?

Any help would be appreciated


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It sounds like you're going to HAVE to move them, so just do the best you can. No matter how careful you are, moving a plant puts a lot of stress on the plant, so you probably should cut off the flower buds on the irises (as flowers take a lot of energy from the plant). The daylilies may or may not bloom - I did a wholesale moving of my daylilies last year, and I got a couple of blooms from each plant, not the usual many, so figure that that will probably happen. As for the lilac, I would think that cutting off the old flowers so they don't set seed would be enough; it would depend on how old and how big the bush is.I recommend that you check over on the Shrub forum about the lilac.
I also recommend that you get them all back into the ground as soon as possible after you dig them up, especially the lilac - have the hole ready beforehand, if at all possible.

Good luck with the move.


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