Plants too big for small pot?

xenofenix(La/ Zone 9)May 30, 2008

Ok well, I planted about 5 zinnias inside a small pot. It's about the size of your palm, maybe 4-5 inches in height. The zinnias are the tall mix, and with such little space, I think it did something. I'm 16 years old, been planting ever since I was 3 months ago(lol...). I think I did a horrible thing...I planted a few others in the garden and I can tell there is something wrong with the ones in the pot. Of course they flowered, but they are not nearly as large. The leaves are small, the flowers are small, they look a little cramped. WHAT DO I DO?! I also did the same thing with 5 marigolds...same thing happened. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

sounds like they are not getting enough nutrients etc. in the small pot

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xenofenix(La/ Zone 9)

Do I need a bigger pot?

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You could get a bigger pot or plant them with the rest out in the garden. Crowding them in a small pot makes them not want to grow bigger because of the lack of space and nutrients.

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