Just got my 6x8 snap and grow greenhouse from vesey

richardg40February 15, 2010

Just got it unloaded from fed -ex truck . Since i live in Winterland ( New brunswick Canada ) i will be awhile before i can enjoy but i figure i can start plants early march inside the house and bring them in the greenhouse in april . Did anyone else here buy a snap and grow and if so could you post your comments.

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Hi, did you get your greenhouse set up? I am in the process of setting up mine but it is from Harbor Freight. It has been a challenge, not done yet. Thankfully I turned down most of the offered help, figuring out the instructions was hard enough by myself. But most of the frame is up and hopefully the foundation will go in today.

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I just got one but haven't set it up yet. I haven't grown in this type of GH before, I have lots of tomato and herb/ native flower seedlings that are outgrowing my indoor shelves, when can I safely put them in such a GH? The 30 year lows where I live are above 30*F by April 1, and I could put some water inside in storage crates, and put it on black plastic, even put an oil-filled heater inside for night. I'm having trouble siting mine because the convenient place on a patio probably gets too much shade from trees during the day, even though it is on the south side of the house. If it were on a deck, would the air underneath make it cool off too much at night?

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Thanks for the reply's . My greenhouse is not set up yet as winter as decided to hang in there longer. I was also planning to install my greenhouse on the patio facing south and in the corner of the house . It would be protected from high winds and in the spring / summer gets sun ti'll about 3pm so a total of about 8 hours . Hope this is enought sun ,

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