Bayer Systemic Insecticides for greenhouse

clbrickhouse(7 NC)February 23, 2009

I have one small and one medium greenhouse and will be selling plants this spring. I got aphids really bad in my greenhouse last year and sprayed almost everything available. This year one greehouse is clean so far and the other just has a few aphids. I would like to get the aphids until control because soon I will be intermixing plants from one greenhouse to the other.

I have heard the bayer products are very good from my extention agent. He recommends them highly.But, I am not sure which to use. Recommended in the dual action rose and flower spray but I can only find this in a ready made mix which I need a lot of. Way to many!!! Anyway after that I thought I Maybe could use the All-in-one rose and flower but have read on that the fertilizer is too much.

I am growing annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables. I am not sure if you can use any of these on herbs or vegetables so I may have to find something else for these.

Anyway someone please offer experience or ideas for me.

I will also be using it outside on annuals and perennials but I think I could find something easier for that!!

Please help!!! clbrickhouse

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Don't use Systemics, which unfortunately work the best, on any edible plants. I always found the few aphids that found their way into my GHs easy to kill with almost any insecticide. The hard ones to kill were the whitefly and spider-mites. Those that infested both my GHs and my entire piece of property last year were resistant to everything but the systemics. They actually destroyed our veggie and flower gardens last summer. Even the weeds and wild plants were covered with them - one or the other.

Many people recommend Organic insecticides but I found them totally worthless. One stunk like cod liver oil and jammed the spray heads on two sprayers.

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Never use systemic insecticides on vegetables or fruits. Systemics work great on ornamental plants. You can also spray the leaves with most systemics to kill the bugs. You may want to try Cygon which stinks to high-heaven. Bayer works well without the odor. I'm not sure if Cygon kills bugs or they just leve becasue of the smell.

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Bayer HAS come out with a systemic for veggies. According to an email I got from the company, it "should" have been on the market June, 2008. Links below:

And, if you'll do some digging, you will find that types or Orthene [but I am not sure if it is all formulations], another systemic, also is approved for veggies.



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numbersix(Z 6 ON)

Cygon works very well but it is nasty stuff. Be carefull if you use it and leave the doors open. I put it in my house soffits once to get rid of starlings. It killed the ones nesting and none came back in 10 years.

Bayers crop science div. makes Bayer the most profit these days so they must be doing something right.

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splitsec002(z9 CA)

Ok I sell hydroponic equipment and I have found something that works REALLY well. It seems General Hydroponics put out this new insecticide that kills many things. It stops them from molting and is an antifeedent. It makes them not want to eat so they become deformed and cannot grow, cannot lay eggs.

I had a HUGE problem with aphids a few months ago simply because I am lazy and didn't do anything when I first saw them. Then I decided to bring my worm binS inside the greenhouse and had a HUGE gnat problem as well. Well this took care of everything and it was a pretty fast change.

It's called Azamax made by General Hydroponics. Really the best thing I've ever used and believe me I've tried it all from yellow cards, to systemics, to home made remedies, neem oil, alcohol, soap, living insects (lacewings) many different things from home depot and my suppliers. It is kinda expensive though.. It cost me around 50.00 for a 16oz bottle. But I don't care as long as it got rid of everything.

Go find it, AZAMAX you won't regret it. Oh and you can also eat the veggies the day of spraying. Totally fine for human consumption.

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