Anyone have a PBM Gardens Greenhouse?

caflowerluverFebruary 16, 2008

My new neighbors were cleaning out stuff left by the old neighbors and gave me this green house. It is in pieces so need a picture or, better yet, instructions on how to put it all together. The frame is all there but not sure if I have all the glass and strips that slide into the tracks. Don't know if the glass slides or lifts up?

I tried doing a seach and came up with a dead link and no other information on it.

Anyone have one and can tell me how to put it together? If not, I just might put shade cloth over it and use it as a shade house.



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Clare...why doesn't anyone ever give ME a greenhouse?

Here's a page with two reviews of the Gardener's Greenhouse on another forum. Looks like these greenhouses were discontinued as of Nov 2007. You could send a d-mail to each of these forum members and ask them about a xerox copy of their manual (if their GH is the same as yours.) If you're not a member of the forum in the link, send me an email through GW and I'll be happy to d-mail them for you.
Gardeners Greenhouse reviews

Did you find this website page? It has an email link (I'm hoping it still works.)
PBM Group

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Sheri - Thanks for the information and links. I will check it out. DH said, why the heck did you take this piece of junk. A free greenhouse is a free greenhouse. He just doesn't understand.

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I would have jumped on it too...I also think your idea of using the frame for a shade house is a good one.

Seems like you should be able to turn up info/manuals, since it hasn't been out of production very long. Maybe someone reading this forum will pop up with help. I hope so!

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Sheri - Thanks for the link. I emailed them and they got back to me today and are going to send me a copy of the instructions. Which I thought was very nice of them since it has not been produced for 5 years. They could have just ignored me.

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That's great! I hope you'll post pictures when you get it up and going. Good score!

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Hi, I work for Access Garden Products in England and we manufacture the greenhouses that PBM used to sell in the USA. We have almost all of the parts available for that particular model available as spares, which we can FedEx over to the US.
The glass itself is 24' x 24' tempered glass. In the UK we call it 3mm thick, but originally before we went metric it was called 24oz, as that was the weight per square ft. You should be able to get the tempered glass in the US quite easily. An entire greenhouse, with glass sells for approx ã300 + shipping, although we can ship without glass if you want to find a local source. We can also email instructions to existing users.

Here is a link that might be useful: Access Garden Products website

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