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dberisford(7)May 29, 2008

Ok, so here it goes. I am a newbie at gardening. I think I may have planted too much my first year but that is just something I learned and am moving on. The below pictures are of my garden after transplanting and mulching in RED mulch (which I heard was best from a friend). If you notice, they had some good growth going on. I transplanted them on or a few days before 4/27/2008. I had so many plants.

So, as you can see it was looking good; and still is a bit. Some plants are thriving like the lemon balm and basil while some dried out like the cabbage and broccoli. In the step garden along my fence are Peppers, Bush Beans, and Squash. They needed the most room according to the seed packets but didn't get a lot of sunlight. In the next series of images you will see I took a page from Organic Magazine and put foil along the back to reflect sunlight to the plants. I also repeated this in the box grower where my 16 tomato plants and more peppers are.

So, I started the seeds indoors in a peat grower in the last days of February, moved them to medium pots, grew them a few weeks in my garage under a heat light until the frost passed and then in April I transplanted them in their current home.

Am I expecting these plants to be producing too quickly? I am getting a bit discouraged with them. I water them every other day unless rain is in the forecast and I am fertilizing them with organic matter and spray for the leaves. When could I expect certain plants to show vegetables? Right now I have picked about 5 (yes 5) bean pods and have 1 cherry Tomato on a plant I bought from the garden center (I cheated a bit).

As far as my next step, I plan on separating the tomato plants when they get about 6-8 inches tall but they just don't seem to be growing. Any advise on my problems???

Daniel, Atlanta,GA

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sprouts_honor(5, southern shore of Erie)

ThatÂs a very nice, organized little garden you have. Give it some time. Most vegetables take a couple of months or more to produce. Patience is what gardening has taught me. Although that fence is providing wind protection, it may be shading your plants too much. They need AT LEAST 6 hours of sun. The more, the better. The exception is lemon balm which likes the shade. You may want to gently move the peppers and tomatoes back into pots if theyÂre not too big and try a container garden that can be moved to a sunnier spot in your yard. You may also want to invest in a moisture meter (Home Depot or Lowes usually has them). How much water they need depends upon how much light, heat and wind exposure your plants get. Also, IÂve seen many forum members on various sites complaining about chilly spring weather. That may have slowed growth. Tomatoes (and peppers) donÂt like cold weather. IÂd take it easy on the fertilizer until theyÂre a bit bigger. Too much ferts can fry a seedling. Good luck!

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

What do you expect in one month? what info do the seed packs contain for DTY (days to maturity ?)

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You water every other day? With mulch like that you shouldn't need to. Stick your finger into the dirt to check if they need a water. Roots can rot, too much water is as bad as not enough.

Try liquid seaweed extracts, mix with water, water with it every 2-3 weeks. My veggies perk right up a few days after fertilizer. Keeps them happy.

But the others are right. Just wait another 4 weeks and you'll be laughing that you were so worried. My plants always seem too small to me, and then within 3 days it looks unbelieveable. Patience is key.

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