'Nick' a seed

Kenpooro(z5ME)May 16, 2004

What does it mean to nick seeds before soaking them overnite, I am planting some Morning Glories and Sweet Peas for a trellis and the Morning Glories said to do this...is it just to break thru the hard shell of the seed so moisture can get in? If so I'm glad I only had a few.

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I am new to gardening and to this site. That is a question I have, too. Looking forward to reading the answer.

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moogies(z8, D/FW Texas)

Ycan use nail clippers to barely pinch through an edge of the seed - or you can use an emery board to sand it - just enough to break through the hard casing on the seed.

I used to nick the seeds of morning glories but switched to this method:

Wet a double-layer paper towel and sprinkle your seeds on half. Fold over to cover the seeds and slip inside a zip-lock bag. Let sit overnight or a couple of days and check. When you see the seeds beginning to open, just plant at the proper depth and water in well.

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I just drop the seeds in a short container, put a couple of inches of hot water over 'em. When the water cools put them in a small zip lock bag for a few days.

I forgot a bag of 'em & when I spotted them in the potting shed they looked awful! Some had small sprouts & water was nearly black & kinda' slimey looking, but since I had on gloves I planted them anyway. Best plants I've ever had & they are blooming already.

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I'm still very confused about this. When one "Nicks" a seed, how deep should you go? Just the casing, or if you nick too far will it kill the seed? On Brugmansia seeds, they have a cork outer covering. Should I just nick the seed or remove the whole cork covering?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Go to Google and click on ''more'', usually up at the top and then find ''video'' and enter ~ methods of scarification of seed ~ .

If you just want to read about it just go to Google and search ~ methods of scarification of seed ~. One ghit Scarification is brief and not to academic.

As for how much to snip you might play with some pinto or brown beans from the supermarket.

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