Planting Flowers Around Trees

lady_lightheartJune 17, 2008

I have two young Sunset Red Maples and a Weeping Cherry tree - about 2 1/2".

Can I plant flowers around the trees? I've heard that trees don't like to be disturbed and it may kill them. However, I see all kinds of flowers and ground covers around trees.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Just dig a hole and plant the flowers....don't doany tilling or digging that might disturb the roots.Maple roots are just under the soil.
Linda C

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& don't add soil to the area;
one of the most common causes of stress & death to trees is planting too deeply/too much soil over the roots.

Plants, including trees, need oxygen, & covering the roots too deeply will suffocate them.

Also, be sure that the "flare" of the tree is above ground.

The tree shouldn't look like a telephone pole stuck in the ground, diamater identical at top & bottom.

It should have a slight flare, & the topmost roots should be just under the soil.

Best luck, & have fun!

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juliebw(z5 NY)

I read a book once that said, "Every tree should have a petticoat". I agree, but sometimes flowering groundcovers are more successful than plants sold as flowers. Because you shouldn't add a lot of soil, you need plants with shallow root systems. I have used vinca, ajuga, lamium and sweet woodruff.

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