Help with these plants please

stephen1982June 13, 2014

Hi, My Neighbor was chucking these out so I grabbed them. Can anyone please tell if and how they can be saved. also what they are?

I know nothing about gardening so any help would be great.


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hard to tell from the photos & condition, but they might be mums.

All you have to do is water water water them.

I'd probably sink them in a bucketful of water & leave them there until no bubbles rise, & then keep them in a sheltered location overnight before moving them into bright shade until they start putting out new growth & then gradually move them into brighter light.

In some areas, they thrive in bright sunlight;
here in Texas, I plant them in bright filtered light, since our August & September temps & brutal sun will wilt them in one morning & shrivel them in one day.

I'd probably cut off that fried foliage;
it's not doing the plant any good, & the new growth will show up better if the dead leaves are gone.

Good score, & I hope you enjoy them for a long time to come!

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