racoons are destroying my plants

nirmala(zone 5)June 2, 2003

I have racoons and ground hogs eating my plants.I had tried

animal catcher.As soon as he takes away one racoon in the cage, another one settles under my deck.How do i protect my garden from these.Help me

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I don't believe the 'coons are eating your plant , but the groundhogs sure will!!!
The 'coons dig my potted plants out of their pots looking for grubs , and dig up freshly planted plants from flowerbeds , for the same reason.
A groundhog ate off a whole row of my sweet potato plants , right down to the ground!!!
Check the wildlife forum for the thread'groundhog living in my garage'.It will tell you more than you want to know about those critters!!!!!!

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CypressTX(NW Houston, TX)

I know this method works with keeping skunks away so maybe it will work for other critters. Go to the store and get a box of plain moth balls. Scatter them around where you have been having problems. It worked great for us! No more skunk! Good luck!

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Hey, racoons are pretty mischievious, at least from my human perspective. They trash my pond and even eat the tops off the sunflowers. I wouldn't put them past almost anything. They are smart and eventually learn find ways around your preventions.

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I would secure the area under your deck so raccoons can't get in there.
This might take a lot of work, but it should help.

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

Yes, you need to eliminate the places the critters hide.

I had to burn an old outbuilding years ago to keep the groundhogs away.

Now I wish I'd tried to pump concrete underneath instead.

I've heard people say that you can get electric fence to put around your garden.

I'd do it if this happened again.

Keep in mind, you CAN shoot these critters. HaveAHart traps work well to make them hold still while you aim.

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Ive hunted&traped coon all my life, if you dont want to kill them live trapes baited with sardines in oil not tomato or mustard sauce. this will do the trick. electric fence set at 4inches then another strand at 8 inches should keep most coon & g.hogs out good luck

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