How do I get rid of birds?

cruzmisl(5)June 4, 2004

I have a ton of these little black birds (don't know the name) rummaging for food in my grass. I don't mind them but they are noisy and dirty. I have to hose off my deck and vacuum my pool every day because of them. Are there any deterrents for these? I don't mind a few but this is bordering on a flock. I presume they may be eating worms and grubs that could be present in my lawn since we've had so much rain here. As things dry out will they move on since there is no food source?



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chris_ont(5a Ont)

They probably have nests nearby, likely the source of most of the noise - those babies are loud!
I've had to take down my birdfeeder because the grackles were descending upon it in droves. I ended up with FOUR nests in the area and it got to the point where the fledglings were following me around, squawking for food, while the parents dive-bombed me anxiously.
Yeah, it ain't pretty. At least this year I only have one nest in the area that I know of.

Your flock should move on once the fledglings are on their own. They may return in the fall for a while, but I find that, for most of the summer, they're elsewhere.


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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

I don't know about the black birds and how to get rid of them, sorry. However, if you (or Chris) have feeders, DON'T feed them the "wild bird seed mix". These attract all sorts of starlings, English sparrow and other "undesirable" birds. Instead feed with black oil sunflower seeds. These attract more songbirds but the nasty birds don't eat them.

Joe, you might try the birdwatching forum for an answer to your question. I'm sorry I can't help you but I feel sure that someone there can.

Good luck~

Here is a link that might be useful: Birdwatching

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

alot of people put an owl or hawk look alike figure nearby. i'm not sure how effective they are.

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stacey_turner(N Yorks)

One word: cats. We have three cats and zero birds in our garden. We do all we can to NOT attract birds into the garden because we don't enjoy cleaning feathers and rotting bird bodies off the lawn, but most of the time, birds stay well clear of our yard. :-)

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How do I get rid of finches or other birds eating my newly planted grass-seed? Is straw the only option?

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

"We have three cats and zero birds in our garden"

Of course, they are the biggest killer of native american avian species as well. Nope, no starlings or other undesireable species, but no native songbirds either-what a pity...

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carol_nv(Las Vegas NV)

hi..Somebody told me if you hang Bicycle inner tubes, cut in half in the fruit trees; the birds think they are snakes and stay away..Does that make sence to you?? Thanks, Carol

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sage_lover(z6 OH)

If the problem is bad enough a "squack box" may be an answer. It has the sounds of birds of prey & some in "distress". Not sure the cost, but will soon know if they work, as we have a serious bird crap problem where I work. (under trees they roost in) Was told it worked at a local hospital, but I believe what I see.

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Heavinsent(z9 La)

We used to have the same black bird problem just before dusk every evening. It looked like a hitchcock film in our yard.They had no nests just came to feed for about 10 minunets then left. I used a shot gun with blanks two or three times and after a few days they just stoped comming back. I dont think it would go over in the city too well but that is something I didnt have to worry about
Best of luck to ya!

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help me deter 2 large hawks from swooping down after my miniture chiuaua and cat.

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nwnatural(zone 8 PNW)

Those starlings are doing you a favor. They eat grubs in the grass. Get rid of the grubs, the birds will find food elsewhere.

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Bird-X's BirdXPeller PRO had solved problems like this, so you may want to give it a try. BirdXPeller PRO is a species-specific bird repeller that features birds distress calls to repel birds. This is what one of our customer said about it:

"..I want to take a moment of your time to thank you and your colleagues at Bird-X for the recommendation and support you gave to alleviate my fowl problem. This past year was enjoyable knowing that I didn't have to do additional clean-up around my swimming pool because of bird droppings. The Bird-X Pro performed as expected and I am well pleased. I feel comfortable that I have eliminated a nuisance without any harm to the environment or to the birds."
I would suggest you to navigate our site to learn more about this bird control repeller.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bird-X, BirdXPeller PRO BIRD REPELLER

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"We have three cats and zero birds in our garden."

How sad. These cats kill cardinals and other desirable birds. Cats should not be allowed to roam free and if that has to be done then they should be belled. I have two large dogs that chase any cats out of my yard. They would kill the cats if I let them but I would never allow that. My dogs can be on the patio resting and the birds will be feeding right next to them. I have tons of birds and I love it. They are fed all winter and well into spring. I love hearing the sounds of the cardinals, chickadees etc. Over the years I have raised many a baby bird, didn't matter what type of bird it was. They eat a lot of bad bugs, grubs etc. We need to be more tolerate of wild birds etc. since we have taken so much of their wild areas away from them. If you did some research into what cats have done to our bird population you would be amazed. It is sickening.

"biggest killer of native american avian species" This is 100% correct.

Don't get me wrong I like cats but in the house. My son and his wife have three cats and my daughter and her family have two but they are all in the house. Angie

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elaine_maine(5 ME)

DH has an air gun and pops one or two grackles when they come around. The rest take off and disappear for most of the summer and the rest of the birds (purple martins, robins, bluebirds, hummers, etc.) just laugh and stay around. So far, so good.

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Maybe I have the ideal solution - I have 2 cats that are completely declawed. They are allowed in the fenced backyard when I am home. The young cat loves to chase the birds & other critters, but cannot catch them. Occasionally, they will kill a mouse or vole - hurray! I have plenty of songbirds in the trees, and sometimes in the yard, but no problems. In fact, I saw rabbits in the yard this morning, let the cats out & the bunnies went scurrying away from the hostas.

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An empty cardboard carton whacked hard with a broom handle sounds like a gun and scares them away. Repeat it several times it if they return.

Sure put a stop the hundreds that tried to nest in our trees at night...and was such a relief to get rid of their noise.

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I shoot all starlings in my yard since I watched them raid the robin's nests and kill all the nestlings. Not one but two nests!! They also eat frogs and salamanders which I do want. Graeckles also are returned to the soil as they are bullies and take nesting sites away from native birds like woodpeckers and other cavity nesting birds. I only have to kill one or two and the rest disappear for a month or more.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Starlings and English/House sparrows are NOT native to North America and are legal to "return to the soil"

English/House sparrows kill Bluebirds!

Grackles are native and therefore protected in the USA.

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Blackbirds, grackles and other such pesky birds can be a real problem around bird feeders. Believe me I know! Below is an article that has some good tips on how to get rid of blackbirds...or at least help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Getting Rid of Blackbirds

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gardengrannie(z9a LA)

My big problem with black birds is that they love to peck the young fruit on my Meyer lemon tree. They don't ruin much fruit, but the lemons end up looking like they have some sort of acne and you really can't get much zest from them. Last year I had to use 2 nets over my tree and they still got in thru the openings and underneath the skirt of the net. HELP!

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Can you help me get rid of 2 bothersome chicken hawks that have taken up residence in my mom's back yard? They are very loud and chase other birds and are worrying her all the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Dove's littering the patio are difficult to deter. I have tried a rubber snake, pan lids and still a mess! The black grackles left last fall, in fits of laughter from the family pot and pan band. This year a next door neighbor has penned birds and I hesitate to disturb them. I will try the inner tube- black snake idea. Any other ideas?

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We have alot of birds and that's great unless they are pests starlings or to keep birds away from my blueberries.

I use:
Bird netting- works perfect but less convenient.
A fake snake in my blueberry bush- have to move it occasionally.
Just replaced a stationary owl with the new scarecrow owl with a solar controlled moving head (sol-r owl). Its head moves and stops, moves and stops- so far, it works better because I don't have to manually move it (see link for info).

Here is a link that might be useful: Do it best online

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How can I stop birds from building their nest in the inside top corner of our cover porch.

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There is a bird that flies against my one window and chirps and pecks at the window from first light of day to dark. Doesn't try to build a nest; just seems to be crazed. Tried streamers that blow in the wind, plastic bags cut in strips, cd disks tied to strings; nothing works. He just keep coming back. I need sleep, any suggestions!

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I was told that birds banging into glass are mother birds protecting their young from "predators" (their own reflection). They will leave eventually but in the meantime tape newspaper on the outside or hang a sheet or towel, so they can't see their reflection.

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