Pellet Stove Exhaust Venting into a Greenhouse

greenbrunswick(z 5/6)February 12, 2011

We run our pellet stove 24/7 at our house, except for weekly cleaning. I was thinking of building a small greenhouse and having the pellet stove exhaust empty right into the greenhouse as a means of heating (unevenly, sure). I would have a separate floor exhaust for the incoming air but would think much of the heat and CO2 could/would be trapped in the gh. Though some soot is emitted from our pellet stove I would angle the gh to have a soot trap at the top. Has anyone tried this before? Any ideas on feasibility?

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wyndyacre(z6B SW Ont.)

Along with heat and carbon dioxide, the products of combustion would be vented into your greenhouse also....namely Carbon Monoxide. This would create a very serious hazard to any people who enter the greenhouse. People die from CO poisoning every year, usually when their furnace or boiler malfunctions, the venting becomes blocked or a wood fireplace chimney becomes blocked.

The temptation is there to try to use the heat that is seemingly wasted but
I would hate to see you or others made sick or worse by venting an appliance into their greenhouse.

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Dan Staley

Agreed it is a horrible idea. Much better would be some sort of arrangement where the exhaust is used to, say, heat water and that water circulates in the GH floor. Not sure the hassle is worth it, but cabin fever drives lots of projects.


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web4deb(5 CT)

I agree. If you want to kill yourself, this is one way to do it! ;-)

I've seen some people build heat exchangers for their stove pipes....but they need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

I don't think there is much waste heat from the pellet stove that my buddy had. That thing burned so darn clean! I think you could put you hand on the pipe. Try that with a wood stove and say hello to third degree burns.

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tominnh(5 NH)

I would say definitely no.... You do not want the exhaust fumes in the greenhouse. Maybe vented through the greenhouse so you could extract some heat from the vent pipe though.

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absolutely do not do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will die or some one in your family will die ....i have kids and i know they would try to go in there and all it takes is 2 minutes befor you die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning....

if you build a green house right next too or part of your house try adding a bath fan or wall mount fan (Fantech RVF8XL Wall Mounted Exterior Centrifugal Fan - 392 CFM)..cfm cubic feet per minute))the point of this is to use your house heat to heat the greenhouse..then add a switch or if you know a electrican he can add a relay and termostat...

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You should all be proud of your adult and helpful responses. I can think of a lot of other forums on the net where people would be laughing at the OP and calling him/her names etc. This is a serious issue and you gave great advice!

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I have a pellet stove. While the exhaust is clean, once in a while you'll see an ember blowing out the end of the pipe. If you have any plastic, you could start a fire. I think the only way is some sort of heat exchanger.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

you could probably run the exhaust vent through the greenhouse a bit and then exit safely venting the "smoke" outside. You may pick up some residual heat of the piping that way and not completely waste it.

just a thought.

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I believe there has got to be a way to extract the heat from a wood stove exhaust pipe that would run through the greenhouse then exit the smoke through the other end. Lets get creative here body is asking how to kill themselves

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lets try this again "I believe there has got to be a way to extract the heat from a wood stove exhaust pipe that would run through the greenhouse"

is your greenhouse attached to the house???

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Dan Staley

As mentioned above, if you get cabin fever and have extra to spend on copper tubing, pump and such, and feel like excavating the GH floor and then run PEX underneath, and magically think your wife somehow will still speak to you, you can probably capture the heat and run it under the floor if you are so inclined.


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i put a pellet stove directly vented into the lower end of a 30x96 greenhouse this year. i had the same questions of carbon monoxide so i bought a carbon monoxide alarm and i found i can get a 10 degree increase and i have had a max of 16ppm on co count w kidde/kncopp3 model co alarm. i have yet to test co2 levels

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RE: Pellet Stove P 100-F need an igniter company is not in business anymore Glo King

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

You should start your own post in another, more relevant, GardenWeb forum. It's not helpful to the rest of us for you to insert a request for spare parts into this discussion. And you probably have a better chance of getting an answer in a more appropriate forum.

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I know this is an old post but, since winter is coming, this post may give people an idea.

It's a bad idea.

Not just "No" but "Hell no!" Deliberately introducing an invisible, odorless, undetectable lethal agent like CO into your greenhouse is a bad idea and could have fatal consequences.

Not doubting jeff granacki's results but a 30x96 has a lot more room to dissipate the CO than many hobby houses. He's got close to 30,000 cu ft inside his house whereas a 12x10x8 house has less than 1,000 cu ft. That means they could have a stove just as efficient as his and have levels of 500-1,000 ppm. (1,000 ppm is referred to as "rapidly lethal to humans") Also, where would you mount the monitor? Inside the greehouse so that you have to enter the potentially lethal atmosphere to read the dial?

Nope. Don't do it.

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Well I can tell you what i did to heat my shop that's connected to my house. I ran the pellet stove pipe into a used oil furnace in place of the oil gun. Then it vents out the top like normal to out side. Works like a charm and is also safe. I pull the cleaning covers once a year on the old oil furnace and vac out the fly ash and clean the flues on it. If any more info is needed just shout.

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