Black ants in house

tmajorJune 27, 2007


I've got large black ants in the house. Probably carpenter ants.

Through this past winter I've gutted and remodeled the whole first floor of my old farm house. During the process, I saw ants. After ripping off the plaster and lathe in the dinning room, I discovered a lot of ant damage in what used to be the outside wall. I had put an addition on some time ago, making this an inside wall. I cleaned the area out and sprayed it with a commercial product. I saw no more ants through the construction phase of the remodeling.

Now, all of a sudden I've got queens appearing everyday. I've killed about 15 in the last two days. ... since it's gotten in the 90's. I did find one possible source in the addition, which I added. I put Terro in that area last year and thought it had taken care of them in that area. It is now active again.

My concern is: that there might be another source, which I can't detect. I'd like to get them taken care of before they eat the house up.

How can I track down their source? Then what is the best remedy and preventive?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'd strongly suggest that you invest in the services of professionals at this point.

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I'm sure that is a good suggestion, as some in my family have suggested the same.

I would have done it before, but I thought they were history.

Yesterday I sprayed the area of the addition, where I saw them. This morning I didn't see any signs of any, but did give the area a treatment with the hair dryer. ?? (There is about a 2" long hole in the seam of the door trim, where they enter.)

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Just a summary and up-date:

The source of the ants was in the new addition, over the sliding door. I had put Terro out, as well as sprayed this area.

The exterminator was here yesterday and blew some chemical powder into the hole above the door. Within seconds, at least thirty ants had popped out of the hole. As he continued to blow the chemical dust into the hole, some exited outside.

This part of the house is new construction, vinyl sided with the J-channel, etc. He said, there had to be a certain amount of water getting into the area to make it attractive to the ants and suggested caulking around the seams and areas where it might leak.

The Terro, which I put out, was left untouched. The exterminator explained, that they eat different types of food, at different times of the season and there are a couple months, when they eat nothing. Also, their main time of activity, is between ?? 10pm to 3am or 3am to 10am ... the middle of the night.

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Ants don't "eat" the wood, but only excavate it to make room for more ants. As a result, there will be wood dust .. somewhere. Termites "eat" the wood.

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