Magnolia (Susan) shrub only alive at bottom

ninec(4a (close to 4b))June 2, 2014

Hello All:

If anyone has a chance to give me an idea on what I should do with my poor magnolia, I'd appreciate it very much.

It seems to only be alive at the bottom and I'm not sure if I should cut down some of the top to help it, or if it's a lost cause completely.
p.s.I wouldn't even call myself a novice gardener. I just see something I like and plant it!

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Well it can't be a total loss cause since it is growing. I don't know if people graft magnolias but if it's the same plant top and bottom, then you're OK.

And since you mentioned that it is a shrub variety, then new growth from the bottom is good and you can cut the dead branches once you are satisfied that they are really dead.

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CanadianLori(6a Oakville)

My susan magnolia was only supposed to grow 8 ft. Cut off the dead. You have nothing to lose. And count your blessings. We have to keep pruning back our 12 footer!

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