How do I preserve my peach tree leaf until Tuesday?

mcgyvr2009i(Schenectady, NY 5b)June 7, 2014

I posted a question here:
about an hour or so ago, and if I get confirmation on if I'm dealing with leaf curl, I'm hoping someone will recommend a product for treatment. If I am recommended something, I need to keep the leaf green, and fleshy with the fungus still intact so I can show the clerk what I'm dealing with and tell them what I'm looking for. I only need to preserve the leaf until Tuesday when I get my money. I have it in my refrigerator at the moment to try and slow down decomposition long enough to get a response. Can you tell me how to preserve the leaf until tuesday? I'm looking for a method good for 3 1/2 days. Thanks a bunch.

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I'm sorry no one had a suggestion;
I hope you got what you needed.

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