Can I trim back severely overgrown bushes??

ranger481vsJune 11, 2011

I moved into a house with six severely overgrown bushes. They nearly 5ft tall. See images below. When looking inside the bush, it's fairly empty. I'd really like to trim these back to around 2 1/2ft or so, but I worry if they will come back or not. If so, about how long does it take in this situation? I'm willing to be patient if it's worth it. Otherwise, I need to dig them out since they are hiding the front of my house. Thanks for any tips and advice

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They look like yews (Taxus) to me.I recommend that you post this question in the Shrubs forum, or maybe the Conifers forum.
I have seen them trimmed down to little nubs, and they do usually regrow, but it would involve looking at the little nubs for a couple of years. They sure look healthy, and I have a feeling that digging them out would be a huge undertaking, like needing a backhoe huge.

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Okay, thanks! I posted in the shrub forum. Didn't know there was one!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

nice pic of yourself in the first one.. lol ..

can you do it.. sure..

should you do it.. NO!!!!!

this is the prime spot of the front [???] of your house.. do you really want a bunch of ugly sticks there. for the next 5 years.. while you hope they grow back into some preferable form ...

i doubt it ... they gotta go


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