Is this ok light for plants

GardenNovice6420June 19, 2014

I get very bright, good light in my apartment. However, I'm a 'gardening novice' and am confused by terms like "indirect bright light" ... Is this too much light for my Prayer Plant, Christmas Cactus, Philodendrons and Rubber Tree Plant? I also have succulents (Burro's Tale, etc) on the same bright window sill. I hope the picture is clear enough.

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If that is a south facing window it may be to strong for the plants you have on the sill now. Most of my plants do great in a east facing window. Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks, Christine. My window faces west. There's a 25 story building that blocks out some of the sun, however, it remains really bright. I've decided to monitor for any signs of too much sun and move them to another location close to the window if they do start to "complain" a bit =D

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