Better than a garden cart or wheel barrel!

bud_wiJuly 14, 2006

Maybe this has been suggested before but I haven't seen it.

I bought a thingy at Big Lots that has solved some problems for me.

I don't know what it is called, but it looks like a large milk crate with a telescoping handle like what you see on luggage. Then when not in use the whole thing collaspes FLAT for storage or transport. The bottom of the crate part folds up and the corners have hinges. It can be hung on a hook in the garage off the floor.

It is perfect for hauling branches and trimings and toting tools and lugging bags of seed or fertilizer and such.

I never was happy with those 'garden carts' that they sell at the stores. Or the wheel barrel I borrowed - Bigger than what I needed and hard to store and impossible to transport in a car to an offsite community garden.

I just needed something small for gardening in a city lot.

This thingy was only $14 and says it hold up to 70lbs. It is really very light weight being that it is sturdy plastic and it is washable. (The telescoping handle is metal.)

I have seen people on the bus using these things to transport their groceries and such. I never knew where they bought them and never thought of using them in gardening.

I am so pleased wih mine, I thought I would pass this along.

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I want to point out that this thing has two wheels and you tilt it with the handle to roll it like a piece of luggage. I didn't make that clear in my orginal post.

When it is folded up it looks like a briefcase with two wheels and a short handle.

*I checked my receipt and it only cost $12.99.

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