Water spots on windows

james_powers(SD CA)July 14, 2005

Anyone know of a way to remove water spots from windows? Windex just does not cut it!!! Is there a homemade solution I can make?

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gabehart(5a OH)

Ammonia or rubbing alcohol should cut the spots then use windex to spiff back up the glass.
I don't use Windex anymore. Dollar General stores carry a foam window cleaner. There's other stores that have foam window cleaners also but I don't know your area. Anyhow, the foam cleaners are easier to use and seem to have a higher ammonia content without being smelly. They leave an excellant shine.
I hate spots too. And kid noses :)

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

I use ammonia and water for nearly all my cleaning and it works great. I remember reading somewhere that baking soda in water makes glass shine, but don't recall the proportions.

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I started using the microfiber (I know you know what I mean, for the life of me Im having a small brain fart) cloths..wet, wash the window, (I dont use soap), use a dry one to wipe off...virtually streak free!
(Is it miracle cloths? ) I shouldnt post before coffee :)

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Yasmine, considering you posted BEFORE coffee (I'm not brave enough to attempt it), you used the correct word. They are Miracle cloths made of microfiber. And, yes, they are fantastic.

If only I could prevent some others in my house not to use them to check the oil in their car, I'd be much happier. Good thing I get them at the Dollar Store.

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I picked up some in the automotive section in the local WalMart and they are way cheaper than a few ailes down in the kitchen towels section! (This is rather like mens clothing costing considerably less to dry clean than womens).
Ive experimented with the miracle cloths, also the magic eraser. Takes off the calcium buildup on pots..also removes stains on the carpets! :) damp a bit and scrub, voila!

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2 quarts of water
1/4 cup cornstarch

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they're called Sano cloths over here, microfiber anyway you look at it, yep, fantastic. There are mops as well, great for ceramic flooring...

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Bobby Parks

I've heard Coca Cola will remove water spots. Don't want to think about what it does to our insides!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

OP's page says s/he lives in California. In the Southwest deserts water spots may be boron in which case glass cleaning products with ammonia are counter productive and mild acids like coke, vinegar and lemon juice may be worthless. If you have boron you need strong acids (Acids which can be dangerous unless you had a good lab in school that taught acid handling techniques.) I would start with lemon juice or commercial white vinegar. If that don't work, and you know acid handling techniques, hydrochloric (muratic) which has real nasty vapors. I had one place in the Nevada desert where I had to go to sulfuric which dissolved all my rags and a cheap toilet brush but it got the boron from the toilet and sink. BTW, old locals may call boron alkali salts. This bit of folk language may help you determine what your problem is.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

I use a fine steel wool pad to remove water spots with whatever glass cleaner you want...and no it doesn't scratch the glass...it's what car dealers use on windshields to get the glass sparkling.

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I use Stainless Steel Wool #000(must have three zero's or it will scratch. You can use the #0000. Use the steel wool in the packages not the pads itself. Hose off your windows really good with the water hose, then take the steel wool and put some dawn dishsoap on the steel wool and wash the window, ok to put elbow greece on the window, it wont scratch. Hose off window. I have been using this method since 1981. I use it on my cars too. Then if you want, you can use windex or the foam window cleaner. For the inside, if you have film. YOu can use hot water with a tad of ammonia to wash the film off.
Then use windex. clean my windows like this every 3 months. Its relaxing!

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Ok...so I have spent hours researching and using many different methods and I finally found this product Ducky Water Spot Remover for Glass and it is awesome. It removed spots that have been in my shower doors, glass tile and windows for years.www.duckyproducts.com

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old detailer's trick...Windex or whatever works fine, just use newspaper (black and white, not colored) to wipe dry. Squeaky clean streak and spot free.

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Straight organic vinegar on a sponge works great for me in San Diego. We have hard water here.

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