Dead-heading question

Storm 7aJuly 7, 2014

Kind of a dumb/n00b question but what exactly is the purpose to dead-heading? Is it mostly done to simply re-distribute the plants energy to buds that haven�t yet bloomed/blossomed yet? Or is more for aesthetic reasons (meaning buds will still open whether deadheaded or not)?

Specifically-speaking, my question mostly pertains to my Martha Washington/Regal geraniums. Thanks - hope this makes sense!

(I may cross-post this in another forum since not sure if this is the right place to ask).

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Plants 'want' to set seed;
once they've secured the next generation, they don't have to spend their energy on blooming any more.

When you deadhead before the blooms turn into seed, the plant 'realizes' that it hasn't fulfilled its reproductive function, so it blooms again.

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