itty bitty ants....yuck

breadman042July 1, 2008

THEIR BACK.....Just like poltergeist they are on the prowl and looking for a feast.....50%50 mule team borax and powdered sugar does it best....look at commercial ant bait and see how many have borax as the active ingredient.. those pesky ants line up like at McDonald's to take this back to the nest..some carry chunks bigger than their head..Super Size..3 days colony is dead or gone old remedy still best

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There is a great organization in Berkley CA. Least Toxic Pest Management. Great for learning about fire ants.
My take is... they are doing a job. If the area is kept clean of everything... including dead bugs etc, they will go away. And they will go away after doing their job.
If it is a "den" then the soap and hot or boiling water down the hole will diminish the population. Just flooding the hole will give them a project... making a float for the queen ... soap reduces service tension and they drown.
I have started using 100% delimonine. (from orange peels) Rodents, ants etc don't like it they avoid the area. I spray around the foundation of the house.
Pretty much, if they aren't coming in I leave them alone... if they are coming in it is for a reason. They are great little cleaners!
Most chemicals on the market are there mainly for one purpose... to make someone a lot of money irregardless of the side effects (possibly mutated great grand children)
(PS: I don't eat granola! I do have a good education however!)

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

nan c, it is regardless, NOT irregradless. A better education would have taught you that.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)


irregadless is a nonstandard word, but is fine for NON-FORMAL writings.

a proper lesson on manners from your parents would have taught you to let this slide. but then again, i guess you did not have parents who felt this necessary.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

If the original writer had not stated "I do have a good education however!", I would have let it "side." Oh, by the way, it seems you had parents like mine since you didn't let my comment "side."

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

i don't know where you see "side", i typed "sLide".

you were being RUDE by bringing up a thread almost 3 weeks old ONLY to slam a previous poster. you could not even post on topic.

grow up. or go to the AOL message boards with the other trolls.

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