how to get female blooms on melons

flowerchild3(z5 MI)August 5, 2006


I'm trellising some cantaloupes, pie pumpkins and honeydew. So far it's August and I only have two pumpkins coming. The cantaloupe plants are still only like 2 or 3 feet tall. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Also, the plants still rarely produce any female blooms. Is there something I can do? I did start these plants a little late (like maybe May or June). I'd prefer not to put any miracle grow on them as I take an organic approach. Any ideas would be most appreciated! :)


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larry_c(z6 Stl. Mo.)

Hey Laura,
I dont have a clue on how to make more buds, but you can hand pollinate the ones that appear assuring production.

Take the center of the male flower (I am a regular gardener I do not know the scientific names)and insert it or rub it inside of the female bud. Both are usually bright yellow and fuzzy.I do this with my squash/pumkins/gourds.Its better than trustung the bees to do the work.

FYI..My pumkins are not producing many fruit just yet. Squash and gourds are loaded......oh and learn about compost..

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